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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Away too long....

First off, I'm sorry my blog has been left in the dust lately.  With planning a wedding, house hunting, premarital classes and crazy hours at work....there's not much time left for blogging.  I haven't taken any new outfit pics in weeks.  I will tell you though....I have been working hard to define my style in this changing phase of my life.  I'm moving towards a more professional, put together vibe, which the fiance loves (ie, button down shirts belted at the waist, dressy slacks, more heels and less 'easy to throw on' boots, less scarves and more necklaces, etc) 

Secondly, the wedding is coming along swimmingly....only 65 more days till we say "I do" and I could not be more excited!!  We recently started attending a new church, which we love and we are meeting tons of newly married/engaged couples who are in our same stage of life...which is awesome and uplifting. 

Once again, sorry for the long lapse in the blog.  Hoping to get back on it, honestly, after the wedding.  So keep a look out....I will be back :-)