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Monday, June 10, 2013

Workin it out....

So the hubby and I are on a total healthy lifestyle kick...like I was pre-engagement before life got busy and all things wedding and marriage took over. :-)  The fun, food and festivities did not fair too nicely on my usually well planned meals and exercise routines, so needless to say I gained about 7lbs and lost some tone. 

Thankfully my husband noticed that I was complaining about not feeling as healthy and not being focused on nutrition, so he encouraged me to get us back on track with my OCD planning self :-)  Yup, lately there have been several times my crazy planning-ness has come in quiet handy...the wedding, decorating our home, and planning meals and workouts. 

Before I got married, I cooked every once and a while, but my 'healthy' foods of choice were premade protein shakes, precooked grilled chicken and baked potatoes, which all required a microwave and basically no cooking skills.  Since we've gotten married, I have found a love for cooking I never thought I'd have....I seriously love it, even after a long day at work. It relaxes me, makes me feel like I am an asset to our household and makes me feeling like I am helping to make us healthier. 

So anyways, I thought I'd begin sharing this little healthy lifestyle change on here.  A few years ago I lost over 70lbs and have kept it off...minus that lil 7lb gain, and plan to keep it that way.  As I have told many people, I will never be one of those people who can eat whatever and stay skinny...I have to work at it.  Luckily, I seem to have found a way that works for me (and the hubs) and is not too much work.  We eat low calorie meals (like chicken quesadillas, random casseroles I whip up, ground turkey meatloaf, egg white omelets, interesting salads and all kinds of other randomness), drink only water (Well, the hubs likes milk and some Dr. Pepper, but not me) and snack on fruits and veggies during the day. 

For our workouts, we are currently doing P90X, which is kinda tough, but it seriously works...We did a 45 day round of it (a full round is 90 days) pre engagement and I loved the results...it really tones my tummy and legs. So it's worth the time commitment and sweatiness...lol  With that said, would yall be interested in seeing the recipes I create, seeing my workout updates, etc?  BTW I don't use recipes...I create all the meals on the fly. I'm organized, but I like to do my own thing lol

So anyways....that's where I've been off to this past week....the kitchen and the gym :-)  I've got a few outfits I need to post also....yay!!