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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Windy Weekend

So the weather has been so crazy...today it's cold and windy. But I was glad, cus Im not ready to leave my winter layer loving fashion behind hehe. Today I will just be hangin out with the bf, possibly lookin at houses for him and studying. Should be a good day!! This morning he cooked me a yummy breakfast...eggs, biscuits, sausage and juice....hes so sweet!!
Anyways, here's what I'm wearing today:
Brown headband-gifted from mom (Avon)
dark pink necklace-$1.99 at Cato
100% Cashmere scarf-99cents at Goodwill
Orange top-Gifted from BF for my bday 2yrs ago hehe
Brown tank-$1 at Goodwill
Denim-$10.49 at Old Navy
Tan Uggs-$12 at WalMart
Tacket-about $2 at Denton Thrift
LV Speedy-$16 at Denton Thrift....some times I can find amazing designer things in there...I think the people who work there don't know the greatness of some of the stuff they have!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! ~Kendra~

Friday, February 27, 2009

Closet/Room Organization

I am working on reorganizing my closet and room. Since I live in the dorms....I don't have much space and I have a tiny closet!! For a fashionista thats a major challenge hehe I have come up with some fun and creative ways to organize. I will be posting pics and how-tos about closet organization very soon so everyone stay tuned :) Oh and don't you wish this was your closet.... ~Kendra~

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Schools over for the week....Yay!!

Well, somehow I made it through another school week. hehe I am definately ready for the weekend!! I have to work tommorow, but that's no biggie :) I like it! Then I have a nice weekend....I do have to study for a big test I have next wednesday for my Educ class. Oh and I need to read through my notes for my earth sci class and do the chapter review for my other sci class. Sounds like alot, but really not to bad hehe After I am done posting this I am going to do some shopping...I had a long day yesterday....I deserve it...or at least thats what Im telling myself hehe :)
So here's what I'm wearing today:
printed tee-$1.89 at Cato (The clearance reacks at Cato are amazing!)
pea green sweater-$9 at Cato
Gren necklace-$6.99 at Cato
Sparkly tanktop-$1 at Nearly New Thrift
Light Denim-$8 at Old Navy
Gold Flats-$1.80 at Dollar General
Today's outfit total: $28.68 (Pretty good)
Well, time to do some more bargain hunting!! Hope everyone has a great day! ~Kendra~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shinning Bright :)

So I felt like dressing bright and cheery today....I woke up ready for the day and it's oddly hot outside...they said the high could get up to 79.....seriously??? Texas weather is so bipolar hehehe Today will be a long day....I have class this morning at 9:30, then I have a break. Then I have to go to a lecture for extra credit at 2:30. Then I have another class at 5:30....ahhh Wednesdays are always super busy!! Silly night class! But luckily tonight shouldn't be so bad...we just have a quiz and were reviewing for the midterm. Anyways.....this outfit is very comfy and the shirt is mega wrinkle proof. I have seriously never ever ironed this shirt....goota luv that!!!
So here's what I'm wearing:
Red cardi-$2 at Goodwill
Brown Tank-$1 at Goodwill
Funky top-from Cato...can't remember how much, but for sure under $10
Denim-$10.49 at Old Navy (I know I wear these all they time but the fit perfectly and they r ubber comfortable....but I need to get some variety hehe)
Bracelets-50cents at Claires for the set of 3
Red Flats-$6 at Cato
I hope everyone has a great day!! ~Kendra~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Yellow Shoes

So I got these shoes from the amazing Workthatwardrobe. They weren't her size, so she decided to pass them on. I have yet to wear them out, but have enjoyed playing around with the options....so here are some:

Tired Tuesday

I woke up so tired this morning....I dunno why. I went to bed relatively early....maybe cus I got to sleep a little late yesterday....who knows. So this morning I went simple and comfy with no makeup....I don't have anything important to do today except....class and running to walmart.

So here's what I'm wearing today:
Blue tee-$3 at Wal Mart
Black Tank-$9 at Charolette Rouse
Dark Denim-$10.49 at Old Navy
Beaded Necklace-thrifted not sure how much...probably 50 cents hehe
Grey sweater-$29.99 at Luxxi (Gifted from the bf)
Zebra flats-$1.29 at Denton Thrift
Teal Bag-$9 at Khols

Well, its time to go run my errands. I hope everyone has a great day! ~Kendra~

Stock up on Cardigans

WalMart is having a sale on cardigans....$4 and $5....and they are so cute....they have them online and it says they r in the store as well. I am definately heading to walmart today to check it out :) I love some cute cardis!!! Happy shopping everyone! ~Kendra~

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Bday Dress

So my bday was feb 13th and I finally have the pics my friend took of my amazing dress!!!

Dress-$14 at Macys

Shoes-$4 at Payless

Jacket-$21 at Target (Gifted from Mom)

Winner Announcement

The winner of my giveaway is MILLY :) Thanks everyone for sharing some great blogs!!! Oh and Milly please email me you address at cybersweetie7@hotmail.com so that I can get the stuff sent to you soon. :) Congrats!! I will do another giveaway in a few weeks...so keep checkin back. ~Kendra~

It's Monday Already??

So today I couldn't decide for the life of me what to wear...everything seemed wrong. So I decided to go for my two favorite and most comfy winter items....My teal uggs and my grey sweater. Not the most stylish outfit ever, but no worries...I will be very stylish tonight at the Mardi Gras party and I will post pics from that probably tommorow morning.

Grey Sweater-$29.99 at Luxxi (Gift from the BF)
Multi colored tank-$2? at Old Navy
Blackn Tank-$9 at Charolette Rouse
Denim Skinnies-$15 at Wal Mart
Teal fake Uggs-$12 at Walmart (Gifted from mom)
Green bag-$5 from Claires (gifted from the BF)
Funky pendant necklace-50cents at Tralee Resale

This weekend wasso nice...I did some homework...relaxed alot...hungout with a friend...had fun with the bf....took the dogs to the park....it was just great after the crazy week last week. :) Don't you just love those weekends that make you feel revitalized and refreshed....I think this weeks gonna be much better. Plus now that I've had my first test in my two hardest classes I know better how to study and what's important. Time to head to class soon. Hope everyone has a great week! ~Kendra~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shoppin on Sunday

So today was full of finishing up a take-home exam for my science class, shopping with one of my sorority sisters and hangin out at home. Later tonight the bf and I are going to the movies...Yay. Since my day mainly consisted of lounging I decided to go more confortable with some splashes of color :) My inspiration today was 'Fab Finds Under $50's great pattern mixing!!

So here's what I'm wearing:

b/w striped cardi-$2 at Goodwill
purple/b/w striped long seeved tee-$1 at Goodwill
Dark Denim Jeans-$10.49 at Old Navy
Leopard Flats-$1.29 at Denton Thrift
Purple Scarf-Christmas Gift from mom and dad
Green bag-$5 at Caires (Purchased during the Christmas shopping spree sponsored by the bf :)

Here's a closeup of the shoes, scarf and my pink nails:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Style

So I finally caught up on rest after the crazy week of studying, school and work....ahh!! So totday I felt like dressing up a bit...So today I went out to breakfast with the bf, then went to the park with the pups, then went thrifting and then cooked lunch for the bf. It's been a nice relaxing day :) I just love the days were I have lots to do, but its stuff I wanna do, not stuff I have to do hehe Aren't those days the best!! Anyways, here's what I'm wearing today:

Brown/gold gliter sweater-$1 at Denton Thrift
Black tee-$3 at Family Dollar
Brown Tank-$1 at Goodwill
Dark Denim-$10.49 at Old Navy
Necklace-50cents thrifted
Brown Bag-$3.49 at Denton Thrift
Leopard Flats-$1.24 at Denton Thrift
Here are the shoes, necklace and bag close up:

Hope everyone has a great weekend and don't forget toparticipate in myGiveaway :) ~Kendra~

Savings Saturday

So this week was the half price day at Goodwill....I also went to Denton thrift twice :) It was a good shopping week! So here's everything I got:

purple and white striped long sleve tee-$1 at Goodwill
b/w striped Old Navy cardigan-$2 at Goodwill
floral tanktop-$1 at Goodwill
Red Caridgan-$2 at Goodwill
2 striped belts-$1 each at Goodwill
brown and sequn belt-$1 at Goodwill
Race horse belt-$1 at Goodwill
Brown leather Nine West bag-$3.49 at Denton Thrift
Plaid Ralph Lauren Button Down-$1.75 at Denton Thrift

I think I did pretty well...you've already seen most of it on my blog....i just got the plaid RL shirt today cus I want to wear it with the bag and the amazing race horse belt the screams preppy ralph lauren :) Yay for great shopping!! ~Kendra~

Oh and I just realized I completly forgot to put in the pic the black blazer I got at Goodwill for $3...its so cute and will go with everything!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Giveaway Update

Well...something went wrong with the giveaway post and I can't read the 2 comments I already have...so everyone leave your comments for the giveaway here instead. I'm so sorry to the 2 people who already commented! Remember you have till 8am on Monday....so get those comments going. Good luck ladies!! :) ~Kendra~

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get excited...its a GIVEAWAY :)

So, I won a giveaway of a great pair of yellow heels from workthatwardrobe and it inspired me to do a giveaway of my own :) Now I bet your wondering what you'll win.....so here it is:
The prize package includes:
-A package of cute notecards and magnets.
-2 funky headbands
-2 jewley ponytails
-a teal wallet
and not pictured a monthly planner decorated by me :)
So here's what you have to do:
First post a comment on this post by Monday at 8am and answer this question:
What are your three favorite fashion blogs and why? Please include links if possible. This will help me find new blogs and help you win some free stuff :) On Monday I will select a winner at random. I hope everyone's excited and lots of yall will participate. Good luck!! :) ~Kendra~

Yay it's the end of the school week :)

I'm so thankfull my last test of the week will be over very soon....and Im so glad I dont have classes on Friday :) And the BF is off friday and saturday, so that will be nice! Welp, I need to head to class to review a bit before the test. Oh and doesn't my little Zoey look cute....hehe She was sitting so still...I couldn't crop her out. She's a shitzu and my bf got her for my bday last yr.

Here's What I'm wearing today:
Red Cardi-$2 at Goodwill (I got it yesterday at the half price sale)
flowery tank top-$1 at Goodwill (I also got this at the sale yesterday)
Dark Denim-$10.49 at Old Navy
Gold Flats-$12 at Payless
Beaded bracelets-50cents for the set at Claires
Funky Belt-$1 at Goodwill (I also got this yesterday)

So as you can tell the Goodwill half price sale went well. :) I got 4 belts, 2 cardis, 1 tanktop and i long sleeve tee. Welp, I gotta head to class. ~Kendra~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Test today and Another Tommorow

So I felt like keeping it casual since I have a test this morning, then heading to Goodwill for the sale, then possibly studying with a friend, then lunch and then work...it will be a busy day!! Anyways, I love to match my purses to my outfit....I've never worn this purse before, so I am excited to finally wear it :) Doesn't it feel good to wear/carry something new :)

Here's What I'm wearing today:

necklace-$1.99 at Cato
teal tee-$5 at Cato
Brown tank-$1 at Goodwill
Maroon Sweater-$1 at Denton Thrift
Jeans-$8 at Old Navy
Teal Bag-$2.99 at Goodwill
Leopard Flats-$1.24 at Denton Thrift
Belt-Gifted from bf
Heart earrings-$9 but Free with giftcard from Mardel
Diamond heart necklace-Gifted from the bf

Closeup of the Accessories:

The Necklace:

The Shoes:

The Belt:
Well, I need to go study a bit more for my test. Hope everyone has a great day....a keep an eye out, because I am doing a giveaway very very soon!!! :) ~Kendra~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1/2 price day at Goodwill Tommorow

So tommorow is half price day at the Goodwill in Denton, Tx on University dr. As soon as I finish my test you know I will be heading straight there. My fav. thing to get on half price days are tank tops and tees, because they are only $1 and you can get tons of cute ones!! Yay....Get ready to shop yall :) ~Kendra~

Study, Study....Schools Your Buddy!!

Well, today I woke up around 5am to study but the dogs had to potty, so I took em out and had some breakfast. Then I went over my flash cards one time through. Then I got dressed for class. I have one test on wednesday and one on thursday...is this week over yet??? I'm going crazy!!!!

Here's what Im wearing today...I wanted something fun but comfortable for studying:

Grey dress-$5 at Walmart
Red tee-$3 at Family Dollar
Black Belt-$1 at Dollar Tree
Black necklace-50cents thrifted
B/w polka dot bangle-50cents at Claires
Denim Skinny Jeans-$15 at Walmart
Leopard flats-$5 at Claires

Here's a closeup of the shoes and bracelet:

Hope everyone has a great day! ~Kendra~

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Madness

Welp, its Monday againa dn my bday/ Vaeltnies weekend went by way too fast!!!! I had so much fun at my/my bfs suprise party i threw for him....11 people came and it was sooooo much fun. Anyways, this week I have 2 science classes which equals no fun for me! Yuck. I already made a ton of flashcards yesterday, now all I need to do is memorize them...fun times!

So here's what I'm wearing today: (I couldn't decide what to wear this morning...and sorry its dark...still figuring out the new camera)

Teal sweater-$1 at Denton Thrift
Grey Tee-Bday present
Purple tank-$9 at Charolette Rousse
Distressed Denim-$29.99 at Express
Black Bag-$5 at Salvation Army
Black Necklace-50cents thrifted
Black Gap Flats-$1 at Denton Thrift

Close up of the shoes:

I do son't want to study today, but I must!!! I have class from 9:30-10:50 am and then I am going to run some errands and then study till my bf gets off work. Then we have to workout....back to the gym this week. Last week we did cardio....by taking the dogs on hour and a half walks. It was fun!! Welp, thats all for now :) ~Kendra~

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Style

Well....this morning my bf and I ran some errands and then went out to breakfast at a cute little place by Lantana. The food was very yummy and we had fun. The rest of the day I will be studying and possibly grocery shopping/ laundry. Doesn't sound to exciting hehe

Here's my first outfit post with my new camera.....YAY!!!

Printed top-gift from mom
Purple Tank-$9 at Charolette Rousse
Black Belt $1 at Dollar Tree
Black Bag(Avenue brand)- $5 at Salvation Army
Pink necklace-$1.99 at Cato
Jeans-$10.49 at Old Navy
Gold falts-$12 at Payless
Pink nail polish-50cents at Dollar Tree

Close up of the bag:

Black Bag

The Acessories:

Accessories 2-15-09

I am so glad I got my new camera...I have yet to figure out the timer and tripod my mom got me...thats on my list of things to do hehe :) For now the bf is the official picture taker hehe Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday! ~Kendra~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Savings Saturday

Since this week was my bday I have some great new additions to my closet hehe

So here goes:

Savings Saturday
Savings Saturday - by Kendra ATO on Polyvore.com

Bday Presents first:

Fuscia Nine West clutch filled with nail polishes, studded nail file and lip gloss from Katy

From Mom: Black Jacket $5 at Walmart
workout pants, which I so needed!
1 white tee and 1 purple and grey tee $3 each at Walmart
Grey jersey dress (Without belt) $5 at Walmart
Pink Leggings

From the BF:
Pink Olympus Digital Camera...which came with a cute case, memory box and snowflake pic frame :) I'm soooo excited!!

My shopping:
Gold flats with cute bow: $12 at Payless
Grey Wedges to match bday dress: $4 at Payless

Well, the suprise/joint bday party for me and my bf went so amazing last night. I think it was my best bday ever. My bf was so shocked his best friends were there. And then my mom even showed up with roses, presents and a cake (She drove 5.5 hrs to be there....shes amazing) So 11 people came to dinner and everyone loved all the decorations I made and Beau liked his presents. :) Then after dinner my mom and I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic...now I wanna read the book!! It was good! Oh and then we went to walmart at 1am...which was fun :) Oh and I got some new workout shoes....yay!! Well thats about it for now. Everyone have a great Valentines Day <3 ~Kendra~