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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Savings Saturday

Since this week was my bday I have some great new additions to my closet hehe

So here goes:

Savings Saturday
Savings Saturday - by Kendra ATO on Polyvore.com

Bday Presents first:

Fuscia Nine West clutch filled with nail polishes, studded nail file and lip gloss from Katy

From Mom: Black Jacket $5 at Walmart
workout pants, which I so needed!
1 white tee and 1 purple and grey tee $3 each at Walmart
Grey jersey dress (Without belt) $5 at Walmart
Pink Leggings

From the BF:
Pink Olympus Digital Camera...which came with a cute case, memory box and snowflake pic frame :) I'm soooo excited!!

My shopping:
Gold flats with cute bow: $12 at Payless
Grey Wedges to match bday dress: $4 at Payless

Well, the suprise/joint bday party for me and my bf went so amazing last night. I think it was my best bday ever. My bf was so shocked his best friends were there. And then my mom even showed up with roses, presents and a cake (She drove 5.5 hrs to be there....shes amazing) So 11 people came to dinner and everyone loved all the decorations I made and Beau liked his presents. :) Then after dinner my mom and I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic...now I wanna read the book!! It was good! Oh and then we went to walmart at 1am...which was fun :) Oh and I got some new workout shoes....yay!! Well thats about it for now. Everyone have a great Valentines Day <3 ~Kendra~

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My Shenanigans said...

Happy belated birthday!!