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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Busy Day!!

So today...I woke up early...took the dogs out and then got on the couch and covered up and watched 90210..i recorded it on the dvr...I got up early to watch cus I knew once I got going this morning thered be no tv time the rest of the day hehe After that I got dressed and headed to school for breakfast. I have class at 9:30. After class I'm going to get groceries and dogfood. Then Im going to my bfs apartment to take the dogs out and study till around 2. Then Im gone to work till 4:30. Then I have class again from 5:30-7:30. Then the bf and I r going to workout. Then I'm probably going straight to bed after that...wow its a busy day. btw I'm so sore from the workout we did yesterday...we focused on arms...oh my!! But hey at least I will be lookin sleek for my best friends weeding...im a bridesmaid...woot, woot!

After all that ranting hehe Here's what I'm wearing today:

I tried to go casual but still cute.

Busy Day
Busy Day - by Kendra ATO on Polyvore.com

Black pants-Free from mom :)
graphic tee-94cents at Platos Closet (Bag for $10 sale)
necklace-$5.99 at Cato
Purse-Gift from parents, Old Navy (Mine not shiney like that..its more grey than silver)
Teal uggs-$12 at Walmart
Sweater-$29.99 at Luxxi

Well, time to head to class soon. woohoo!! ~Kendra~

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