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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teal Overload

Another day of training classes and my first few attempts at taking practice customer calls.  Learned a lot today, but feel like I have soooo much more to learn.  I am loving it...the people, the subject matter, all of it.  I am really enjoying learning more and more about the mortgage industry....who knew this was such a good fit. It's definately a blessing.  How's your work week goin so far?  :)  ~Kendra~

Monday, June 27, 2011

Working It: B/W Style

I decided to go for simple and easy to put together....since it is Monday and all. ;)  Today was another day full of training classes and sitting side by side with seasoned co-workers.  I am loving the training at my new job....if every company valued training this month the workforce would be different!!  Even though I am starting in a whole new industury, from the privatized education world to mortgages, I feel like the transition isn't such an adjustment, because the training has made me feel, so connected and informed.  I am loving what I'm learning and can't wait to grow in the practice of applying what I'm learning....that's the tricky/nerve racking part.  But, one day at a time...I'm gonna push myself to try typing customer notes in the system during calls tommorow. :)  Keep your fingers crossed for me!!
On to what you're probably here for....the outfit:
B/W Printed Top- $8.88 at The $8 Fashion Outlet
Black Pencil Skirt- $8.88 at The $8 Fashion Outlet
Heels-$? I think around $12 at Payless
Pearl Earrings and turquise beaded bracelet- $1 each at MIZ Accessories
Pearl beaded bracelet- $1 at Family Dollar
Turquise, Pearl & Gold  Forever21 Necklace- $1 at the 99cent store
Gold Ring- $1 at a Beauty Supply store
Outfit Total- $32
Hope everyone has a great start to their week!!  ~Kendra~

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Goal Dress

First off...time to celebrate the fact that my camera is back up and running. :)  Yay!!!  Now on to something even more exciting.  For those of you that follow my other blog, you know that I am on a weightloss/getting healthy journey and a while back (Over 10lbs ago) my mom got me this awesome red dress, which was waaaay to tight at the time, but she said I should keep it as my "goal dress" and when I loose a little more weight I can wear it.  So, that's what I did.  I decided to try it on this evening and.......
It fits PERFECTLY!!!!  :)  It's such a good feeling to know my hard work is paying off.  I love this dress...and it even came with the belt I'm wearing.  The icing on the cake....well, it was $15.99 at Bealls.  Weightloss and a good deal.  Doesn't get much better than that!! ~Kendra~

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Tweed

I am loving this outfit...I just wish u could really see the full length picture. (Mental note: Must go to walmart to exchange the wrong memory card I bought, so I can get my camera up and running again...this webcam doesn't cut it for full outfit shots.) I think the summer tweed with it's grey, gold and cream colors look great with the awesome Talbots necklace I score on mega clearance last Friday. Also, my new peep toe nude heels are a great finishing touch to round out the cool, soft tones of this outfit. :)
Gray Ruffle Top- 75cents at Denton Thrift
Pink Ribbon and Gold Chain necklace- about $14 at Talbots (Originally $79)
Nude Skinny Belt-about $4 at Talbots Outlet (Originally $29)
Tweed Skirt- $5.99 at Cato
Nude Peep Toe Heels- $14.99 at Cato
Gold Men's Stretch Watch- $10 at Walmart
Nine West Purse- gift from boyfriend <3
Outfit Total- A little less than $50
I feel like everytime I got to Talbots Outlet, I am getting such good quality for a great price....I love that!! I have been dying for a necklace like the pink and gold one here. Most of them I've really loved sure were too expensive, but this beauty fit into my budget perfectly. Gotta love an inexpensive outfit that doesn't look like it!! What fancy things do you have that you got for a really good deal? ~Kendra~

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Red Hot Spring Into Summer


I my camera is out of commision for the moment...aka...my battery died, plus my memory is full, so hopefully you can bear with the webcam pics for a bit. :)  Anyways....on to the outfit.  I went for spring time florals with a pop of pearls and red.  Love how this outfit is comfy for a long day of training, but still fun and office trendy. Ruffles, pearls and bold....what could be more me?  Oh and I must mention these pants....I scored them at Goodwill this weekend.  They are The Limited brand and a size 8.....it's been FOREVER since I've seen the single digits....given these do have some stretch, but I am still super pumped and feel and extra dose of confidence with I put them on. Makes me feel like my hard work is paying off.  
Floral & Ruffle Button Down- $2.99 at Goodwill
Black Tanktop-$? random store....I go through black and white plain tanks tops fast lol
Black Pants from The Limited via Goodwill- $3.99
Red Patent Wedges- $4.99 at Cato
Double Stranded Pearl Necklace- Bday gift from Cynthia over at Closet Bliss
Pearl Bracelet- $1 at Family Dollar
Silver Beaded Bracelets-Came in a set for about $1 at MIZ Accessories (6 for $5)
Pearl Ring- About $1 a MIZ Accessories (6 for $5)
Red Bag-$14.99 at JcPenny Outlet
Hope you all are having a great week so far!!  ~Kendra~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Colorful Work Wear

Monday plus training at the new job equals a need for some bright colors to boost the excitement.  Ok, I'm super pumped for my new job!!!  :)  But Mondays and traings can be a little less than colorful, so I put color in my day my own way with this funky, but still work appropraite outfit. :)
Funky Top- $8.88 at the $8 Fashion Outlet
Black Pencil Skirt- $8.88 at the $8 Fashion Outlet
Coral Belt- Came in a set of 2 for $3 at Dots
Red Jewel Necklace- $1 at Claires
Multi-colored Jewel Bracelet- $1 at MIZ Accessories
Red Sandal Heels- $8.88 at the $8 Fashion Outlet
Large Gray Bag- $12 from Old Navy (via Christmas present 2yrs ago)
On My Nails: Elf's Fire Color- $1 at http://www.eyeslipsface.com/
(Didn't have my hair/makeup done yet, so I cut off my head in the pics...hehe)
What do you throw on to brighten up your day when it might be a blah one?  ~Kendra~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

MIZ Accessory Outlet

MIZ Accessory Outlet is my favorite place to buy jewelry for several reasons. 

 #1: Almost everything is 6 for $5. 
#2 They have a wide variety of jewelry, accessories and makeup. 
#3:  It ranges from super trendy to classic, so there's something for everyone.
#4:  The staff in the store are super friendly.

As the somewhat official, (well, it is what they call me when I go in there) '#1 Fan of MIZ Accessory" I have to shout it's praises just a little more in depth on my blog...right?!  If you look back at prevoius outfit posts you will notice alot of cute accesories came from there. 

Here's a pic of my earrings and rings from a while back and 90% are from MIZ Accessories: 
(I've added alot more since then...lol)

So if you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, go check them out at
3550 West Airport Freeway, Irving, TX 75062. 
Trust me....You'll be glad you did!!

BTW: I am not sponsored or paid in any way by MIZ Accessories.

Pre-planning and Posting

I have pre-planned all my outfits for the coming week and hope to get all my outfits this week posted on the blog....I know...you're probably thinking "Sure you will Kendra.  You've been gone forever." lol  But, hey...you get busy and distracted sometimes, but I'm back and newly inspired fashion wise, so I hope to post at least a few times per week.  :)  Thanks for hangin in there with me. ~Kendra~

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Accessories: Black and Silver

I'm all about the accessories lately. :)  Yesterday I wore this fun  black and silver combo to work. 

Earrings: $1 at MIZ Accessories
Necklace: $5.99 at Cato

What type of accessories do you like to add to finish off your outfits? 


*PS: Does my new spray tan count as an accessory? lol  I've been doing Versa spray tans at Planet Tan and I love em.  Not to dark, but far from my old pastey whiteness that I was getting tired of. :)