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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ok, so I have been dedicated to this blog since I started it not long ago....I luv fashion and I want to be more creative with the blog...I have done outfit posts alot....so why no comments. I am so thankful for my two followers :) I just get excited about leaving comments and no one seems to leave me any. Can you give me any suggestions to make my page more comment catching hehe :) That would be awesome!! ~Kendra~

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Style

This morning I wore this outfit to church, but after church I changed from black slacks to dark denim jeans. Sitting together the silver purse and gold flats look funny, but wearing it looks cute...I promise hehe Anyways, Hope everyone has a great Sunday and gets some rest for the week ahead. :)

Sunday Style by Kendra ATO

Printed tee- $2.99 at Cato
Green Beaded Necklace- $6.99 at Cato
(Those 2 things above r what I bought with the 10 dollar scratch pad my mom put in everyones stocking.)
Dark Denim- $10.49 at Old Navy
Gold Flats- $1.80 at Dollar General
Grey Bag- This one looks shinier than my...mine has a mat finish, but is the same bag!)


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Savings Saturday

From now on my saturday posts are going to be focused on what I have saved on during the week. So this week....Ive gotten:

Saturday Savings #1 by Kendra ATO

I had a good shopping week...Im excited to wear the plaid vest, because its something I wouldn't normally wear. Hope everyone had a great holiday week :) ~Kendra~

Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas Sales

So today my Grandma and I hit the mall for a full day of shopping and I only walked away with 2 new items, but I'm not complaining, because I've been searching for booties that worked for me and I found the perfect ones for sooo cheap...Yay!!

after Christmas Sales by Kendra ATO

Black Booties- $10 at Payless
Yellowish Tan Bag- $4.79 at Charolette Rouse...(Mine doesn't have the flower.)

Its crazy how spoiled I am with resale and thrift store prices....I think I've become cheap lol, but in a positive way hahaha


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and gets enough rest so that you all can get up and hit those amazing sales tommorow :) ~Kendra~

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Outfit

So today I am finishing my shopping and tonight we are opening presents, because my dad has to work tommorow. Then tommorow evening we are going to my grandmas to eat dinner and hangout for the day.

Christmas Eve Outfit by Kendra ATO

White tee- $3.45 at Old Navy
Gold Flats- $1.80 at Dollar General
Gold Necklace- 50cents at Tralee Resale
Dark Denim- $10.49
Brown V-neck- $2 at Tralee Resale
Brown and balck bag- $2 at Tralee Resale

I can't wait to open presents....fun times!!! Merry Christmas everyone! ~Kendra~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yesterday's outfit

Yesterday I stayed at home in my pjs a large majority of the day. Then around 5 I finally go out to go grab some dinner and then go to my grandma's to hangout with her a bit. Here's what I wore:

restful monday by Kendra ATO

Blue tee- $3 at Wal Mart
Tank- $1 at Goodwill (Mines brown)
Dark Denim- $10.49 at Old Navy
Scarf- 99cents at Tralee Resale
Bangles- $3 at Wal Mart
Gold Flats- $1.80 on sale at Dollar General

Today I am going shopping to find some cute turtlenecks, because I'm inspired by the awesome layering skills of "Fab Finds under $50" She layers so well and use tons of turtle necks.

Turtlenecks by Kendra ATO

Thats all for now :) ~Kendra~

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas DIY's and Outfit Post

SO today I worked on 2 DIY's....one for myself and one as a Christmas present for my boyfriend. The one I make for me is a chain and ribbon necklace like the one Nic Richi wears....I found 2 18in chains at Wal Mart for $2.79 each (I attached them to make one longer necklace) then I found some black ribbon for 97cents. All I did was clasp the necklaces together to make one, then I weaved the ribbon thru the necklace. To secure it I hotglued the ends of the ribbon around the ends of the necklace. It turned out really well...even though I missed one loop in the chain hehe. It was simple and cute, I def wanna do it again with a gold chain, but they didn't have gold at walmart.

My next diy project is a Texas Tech zipup sweatshirt for my boyfriend. I know I could easily buy him one, but he has plenty of store bought ones and after a while they all tend to look the same. Since he got us tickets to the Cotton Bowl I wanted him to have something special to wear. I got a greay zip up hoodie for $10 at Wal Mart. I also got white, brown and black paint for 98cents each. Then I got some Tech fabric and some brown and white fabric. I simply cut out a square of from the fabric with the tech symbol on it and glued it on the front of the hoodie to look like a label...its cute. I haven't started the back yet, but I plan to cut a football out of the brown fabric and then embelish it with the white fabric. Then I plan to cutout the letters "Texas Tech" out of the texas tech fabric and arrange it nicely on the back....I hope he likes it :)

On to my outfit post for the day, since todays Church I dressed cute....I got to wear my new skirt, boots and tights that I havent gotten to wear yet, so I was excited :)

Church time by Kendra ATO

Cream swetaer- $1.50 at Denton Thrift
Tank Top- $1 at Goodwill (Mines Brown)
Grey tights- 59cents at Goodwill
Pinted skirt-$3.99 at Catp (Mine also has some brown splatter on it)
Brown Boots- $8 at Platos Closet
Brown Belt- Free from BF (He dressed as a woman for halloween and the belt to the skirt he wore was to small so he gave it to me)

Welp, time for bed :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Crazy Day

This has been a crazy day....first my mom and I were making sure my bros playstation 2 worked before we wrapped it for Christmas....while we were doing that the dogs chewed up my cell phone...then I decided to let them out and my mom opened the door and they ran away. It took forever to catch em...ugh they were crazy this morning. So I went shopping and found a new cell phone cover, so you cant tell its all chewed up. Oh it was an eventful morning. Ahhh!!

crazy day by Kendra ATO

White tee- $2.49 at Old Navy
Black tee- $1 at Goodwill
Pink and grey sweater- $3.45 at Old Navy
Dark Denim- $10.45 at Old Navy
Black chucks- $13 at Gap
Funky silver necklace- 50cents at Tralee Resale

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dentist Apt Day

Today my little bro had a dentist apt where we had to travel to a specialist so he could be put to sleep, because he has Down Syndrome. I knew it was going to be a long day...6hrs in the car..so I decided to be as comfortable as possible. Heres what I wore:

Dentist Apt Day by Kendra ATO

Greay and white sparkle sweater- $7 at Walmart
White tee- $2.49 at Old Navy
Dark Denim- 410.49 AT Old Navy
Black Chucks- $13 at Gap
Silver chained pendant- 50cents at Tralee Resale
Black headband- $1.99 at Cato

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Family Time

So today I will be spending the day hanging out and shopping with my grandma and then just hanging out at my parents house. As I was putting together my outfit this morning I realized that I wear alot of black and grey....tommorow I will ry to add some more color to my outfit. Anyways, here is my outfit for today:

family time by Kendra ATO

Black jacket- $20.95 at Target
Black Tank- $9 at Charolette Rouse
Grey tee- $4 at Old Navy
Derk Denim- $15 at Wal Mart
Heart Necklace- $1 at Target
Bangle- gifted from mom
Boots- $9 at JCP Outlet

Well, time to finish getting ready for the day :) ~Kendra~

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shopper Style

My mom and I headed out for a day of shopping...it was sooo cold this morning so I decided to wear lots of layers....I'm so glad I did!! Here's what I wore:

shopper style by Kendra ATO

Plaid coat: $1.49 at Denton Thrift
Heart Necklace: $2 at Plato's Closet
Boots: (Mine r blue like the sweater) #2.45 at Denton Thrift
Black Tank: $9 at Charolette Rousse
Teal top: $4 at Cato
Blue Sweater: I think $12 at Cato, but not sure...I got it last yr
Denim: $15 at Walmart
Black shades: 50cents at Claires
Headband: Gift from Mom....Avon purchase

I was o comfortable and warm all day...I also wore my pink purse again, because I didn't have time to changed purses. :) ~Kendra~

PS: I just found this website called Fashion Mash...where you upload pics and create outfits like on polyvore, but with your actual clothes..Im excited to try it :) Yay!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Travel Time

So tommorow morning I have a dentist apointment to get a filling. Then Im packing up the dogs and we're driving 5 hours to spend Christmas with my family, so I need to be cute but comfortable. So heres what I will be wearing:

Travel Time by Kendra ATO

Shirt-Mines more orange-gifted
White Tank- $1.99 at Goodwill
Black Sweat- Free from mom (They look like dress pants, but they are sweats)
Pearl EarringS-Sorority Party Gift from a store called Rhinstones
Pink bag-$50 at the mall (I paid to much, but they wouldn't let me return something...o well)
Black shades- 50 cents at Claires
Jeweled Flats- $5 at Claires

Time to hit the sack so I will be ready for a busy day of driving. Fun times!! But I am so ready to be home despite the fact that it is freezing there and snowing on top of that....ahhh Luckily I packed several coats and sweaters. ~Kendra~

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh my, I fell for an impulse buy :(

Today I had a horrible moment at the mall....I saw a store that sold wigs and for some reason I was drawn to it and I thought I loved a wig, so I shelled out way to much money to get it....then when I got home less then a few hours later I tried it on again and totally had buyers remorse...I was like "Why did I buy this?" I was in a panic...I wondered if I could get my money back or what to do....so I drove back to the mall, wig in tow and asked the lady if I could get a refund, she then pointed to a small sign on the register that said no refunds, no returns and no exchanges...I was so upset I turned to leave, but I was determined, so I turned around and said with a tear in my eye are u sure there isn't anything you can do??? The lady obviously felt sorry for me, so she allowed me to exchange it for a purse...I ended up getting a pink and orange purse which is really cute, but I would've never paid as much as I did for it...ahh well...It's my splurge/opps for this paycheck. Anyways...on to better news.....heres some new things I got while shopping this past week:

New Purchases by Kendra ATO

I have definately got some good buys lately...I hope after Christmas shopping at home is as much fun as my thrift shopping at school has been lately :) ~Kendra~

Friday, December 12, 2008


because finals and this semester are officially over...woohoo!!!

So to celebrate last night my best gal pal and I went out to dinner and then did our nails and put on face masks and watched Enchanted...hehe This is what I wore...

Night out by Kendra ATO

and this is what I'm wearing today to go shopping and then to work :)

Celebration by Kendra ATO

Time to go...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

If only it weren't finals week

then I'd totally be in the mood to wear this little number :) hehe

If only it weren't finals week... by Kendra ATO

Why finals, why must you bring me down....thanksfully this is the last day and I will be back to outfit posts tommorow :) ~Kendra~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crazy Busy Finals....ahh!!!!

So instead of an outfit post today I am showing all of you 10 things that I am currently loving...So here they are:

My 10 Must Haves by Kendra ATO

First of all, I am in love with tank tops!!! I got these two striped tanks for $3 each at Walmart, but my fav place to get tanks is from Goodwill because all of theirs sale for $1.99 everyday! :) Next is a black blazer. I got mine for $1.99 at Denton Thrift. It's so versatile and is just a great addition to any wardrobe. Next are my heart earrings...I got mine at Claires when they were on sale for 50cents....Claires has a sale they do pretty often called the 10 for $5 sale and when they do I buy as much as I can...I ussually spend $10 05 $15, so I end up with tons of jewelry. Next are beaded necklaces...I have a whole drawer full of them...most come from Claires. Next is a Chanel bag...I was soooo soo lucky to find one at a local thrift store (Denton Thrift) and I'm pretty sure it's the real thing and I scored it for $8.99...wow!! Next on the list are my camel ugg boots, I know some people hate them, but they are so warm and comfy and I like em with my dark denim skinnies :) I got mine for $7 at Wal Mart. Next are scarves....I think I have at least 50 scarves....I get most of mine at Goodwill because they have them for 99cents and every time I go they have a new selection, which is great! Oh and of course every girl needs a little black dress...I scored an Issac Mizrahi for Target black dress from Denton Thrift for $1.99. Another love of mine are headbands....I have a huge ziploc bag stuffed with them. I get them from Claires, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Avon. My favorite one is simple and black and I got it at Dollar Tree. Last, but not least....I love tights!! Goodwill sales them for 59cents and a few days ago I scored some old navy gray tights there....I was very happy!

Well its time for me to get back to my homework.....Hope everyone had a great day! ~Kendra~

Monday, December 8, 2008

Finals week is crazy!!

So I was playing around on Polyvore and thought of 4 fun ways to wear a little grey dress and wanted to share it with all of you....so here goes :)

Little Grey Dress by Kendra ATO

#1- Put a printed Cardi over it, with grey flats and large bangles

#2- Put a long sleeved purple tee underneath, wear with jewel toned flats and bag, then add a funky beaded necklace for some more color

#3- Add a plaid jacket, then add fuscia tights, black jeweled flats and a black shiney bag

#4-layer the dress over jeans, add a black belt, funky black heels, and a larger black jeweled ring

I so wanna go out and get a cute little grey dress now :) Time to go study.... ~Kendra~

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Workin it Sunday

So Ive been in the mood to wear black alot lately...who knows why...lol Anyways since I had to go straight from church to work I went for a more casual look. So heres what I wore today: (Except my coat is more pea green)

Workin it Sunday by Kendra ATO

Coat: $1.29 at Denton Thirft :) It more pea green...I was so happy when I found this yesterday!
Black tee- $1.99 at Goodwill
Dark Denim Wide Led Jeans- $10.49 at Old Navy
Jeweled Flats- (Have dif. colored jewels) $5 at Claires
Necklaces- 50 cents at Claires
Black Purse- $2 at Salvation Army

Wow my outfit today only cost me a total of: $21.27 :) I sure do love thrift stores!!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Presentation Time

So today I have a presentation in one of my classes so I wanted to be warm and cute and wear my new Chanel bag again, so heres my outfit (Except my sweater doesn't have buttons :)

Thursday Time by Kendra ATO

Greay sweater- $14 at Old Navy
B/W Tweed and pearl flower pin- 50 centas at Claires
Dark Denim Skinnies- $15 at Wal Mart
Black Boots- (Mine ar a lil shorter) 50 cents at garage sale
Black Tank- $9 at Charolette Rousse
Pearl bracelets- 50cents at Claires
Chanel Bag- $8.99 at Denton Thrift
White Scarf- $1 at Dollar Tree

Time to head to class....I hope I get some comments on here soon :) ~Kendra~

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chanel Love

So one of my fashion dreams came true yesterday.....drum roll....I found an amazing in great condition Chanel purse at a local thrift store and guess how much it cost.... $8.99 :) I was freakin out I was so happy I called my mom and best bud and bragged about my awesome find. hehe

Heres what Im wearing today and of course Im sporting my new Chanel bag:

Chanel Love by Kendra ATO

Top- Mine isn't a button down, its just flowy but same pattern- Free from mom
Dark Denim Skinnies- $15 at Walmart
Black ankle boots- 50cents at a garage sale
Brown shades- 10cents at garage sale
Black tank- $9 at Charolette Rousse
Chanel Purse- Mine is not quilted, but the same size and has chain straps- $8.99 at Denton Thrift
Pearl and gold necklace- Free from Mom

I so felt like Lauren Conrad with my Chanel and flowy top :) I totally love her style!!

Thats all for now ~Kendra~

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time for Finals....AHH!!

Ok, so its gettin down to the wire at school....this is dead week and then next week is exams, so sadly fashion will be on the back burner till these 2 weeks r over, but I will still let yall know all about my study time outfits hehe :)

So heres what Im wearing today:

Test Time Tuesday by Kendra ATO

Grey tee- $5 at Old Navy
Black comfy pants- Free From Mom
Camel Uggs-$7 at Walmart
Vintage Brown shades- 10 cents at garage sale
Greay scarf- $1.49 at Denton Thrift (Mine also has camel and white circles on it randomly, which makes it match my uggs) :)
Bangles-$3 at Walmart (Mine have silver instead of gold)
Cream Pea Coat- $35 at Cato

Thats all for today...oh and I am working on figuring out Flicker so I acctually post pics of me each day instead of polyvore :) If anyone can help me with Flicker thatd be greatly appreciated!!! ~Kendra~

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Rush

So I woke up at 7:50 this morning and I had to be in class at 8...oh my. So I threw some clothes on and ran out the door....no makeup..oh my! Anyways, since its monday I had to wear a sorority shirt, so I did some layering to make it cute and warm :) It starting to get really cold her in north texas :)

Monday Rush by Kendra ATO

White Long Sleeved Sorority Tee- Free
Black hoodie-$4 at DEB
Dark Denim Jeans -$10.49...I thought they were 14, but I looked at the tag again and they weer really less...yay!
Jeweled Flats- $5 at Claires
Pink scarf-$4.99 at Old Navy
Nine West Purse- $35 at Ross

Oh and on the sweater I used my Bejewler and added some silver studds to make it more fun. Also my shirt has small teal sorority letters on the front :)

Well, I have a Christmas party to go to tonight....hmm what to wear...I wanna dress up, but I dont wanna be cold. I think I am gonna see how I like adding some fun tights to my dresses...I've bought a bunch but haven't had the guts to wear any of them yet hehe Plus it's been to hot here.

Well, I need to go take care of the dogs and do some homework...woohoo!! ~Kendra~

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Heading Home from the Holidays

Well, Today I am heading back to school. I've been home for Thanksgiving since Tuesday. I love being with my family, but I'm excited to be back at school with my friends and boyfriend!! Today Im dressing for comfort since I will be in the car with two dogs for 5 1/2 hours. Fun times!

Heres what Im wearing today:

Travel Time by Kendra ATO

Teal Hoodie- $6 at Wet Seal
Black Tank- $9 at Charolette Rousse
Gray Sweats_ $5 at Wal Mart and I wanted to make them more girlie, so I got some plaid fabric and cutout a flower shape and glued it on and them added some purple glitter paint around the flower....so cute!!
Camel Ugg Boots- $7 at Wal Mart

Time to finish packing up befor heading back so thats all for now... ~Kendra~

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Since today is definately gonna be a lazy saturday Im gonna keep it casual and a bit of color with some accessories. :) So heres what I'm wearing today:

Lazy Saturday by Kendra ATO

Grey Tee- $5 at Old Navy
Dark Denim Jeans- $14.95 at Old Navy
Jeweled Flats-(Same sa yesterday) $5 at Claires
Bag-(Same as yesterday)Nine West $35 at Ross
Vintage Scarf- 99cents at Goodwill
Vintage Shades- 10cents at a garage sale
Beaded Bracelet- $4.50 at Bealls

**I bought the jeans, tee and bracelet on my shopping spree yesterday :)

Thats about it for now. ~Kendra~

Friday, November 28, 2008

Here goes...

Well, I have been putting off posting, because I couldn't get pics of my clothes to show up on here, but I found Polvore and im gonna use that to show what Im wearing :) Yay!! I am so excited about getting this blog going....I've wanted to do it for a while now! The first blog i found was Lady Melbourne and her awesome blog totally inspired me!!

This blog will showcase my fashion, shopping adventures and such. I love to shop and constantly go to thrift stores since there are 5 on the street I live on and many more at a close distance.

Well heres what I wore today:
Top-same color but a tee, $5 at Cato
Denim Blazer- $9.99 at Cato
Black pants- Free from mom
Black flats- (Mine actually have purple and blue jewels) $5 at Claires
Scarf- 99cents at Goodwill
Purse-Nine West $35 at Ross

shopping casual by Kendra ATO

Omg I forgot to talk about today...the best shopping day of the year :)
I got alot of Christmas presents checked off my list, which is always good!! My mom and I got up at 3am and drove an hour to go shopping at Khols, old navy, target, payless, shoe dept. and Toys R Us (for my lil bro). It was so much fun....Old Navy was the best...I got one pair of dark denim jeans for $14 and another pair of light denim jeans for $8.95...woohoo!

Thats about it for now :) ~Kendra~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My First Fashion Blog

So, I'm really excited about starting a fashion blog...Im addicted to shopping and I love to shop at thrift stores, garage sales and all the clerance racks. If you wanna see some low cost looks stop by my blog again soon...I have to find my camera cord and then I will be on my way to fashion blogging hehe :) ~Kendra~