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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time for Finals....AHH!!

Ok, so its gettin down to the wire at school....this is dead week and then next week is exams, so sadly fashion will be on the back burner till these 2 weeks r over, but I will still let yall know all about my study time outfits hehe :)

So heres what Im wearing today:

Test Time Tuesday by Kendra ATO

Grey tee- $5 at Old Navy
Black comfy pants- Free From Mom
Camel Uggs-$7 at Walmart
Vintage Brown shades- 10 cents at garage sale
Greay scarf- $1.49 at Denton Thrift (Mine also has camel and white circles on it randomly, which makes it match my uggs) :)
Bangles-$3 at Walmart (Mine have silver instead of gold)
Cream Pea Coat- $35 at Cato

Thats all for today...oh and I am working on figuring out Flicker so I acctually post pics of me each day instead of polyvore :) If anyone can help me with Flicker thatd be greatly appreciated!!! ~Kendra~

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