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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Travel Time

So tommorow morning I have a dentist apointment to get a filling. Then Im packing up the dogs and we're driving 5 hours to spend Christmas with my family, so I need to be cute but comfortable. So heres what I will be wearing:

Travel Time by Kendra ATO

Shirt-Mines more orange-gifted
White Tank- $1.99 at Goodwill
Black Sweat- Free from mom (They look like dress pants, but they are sweats)
Pearl EarringS-Sorority Party Gift from a store called Rhinstones
Pink bag-$50 at the mall (I paid to much, but they wouldn't let me return something...o well)
Black shades- 50 cents at Claires
Jeweled Flats- $5 at Claires

Time to hit the sack so I will be ready for a busy day of driving. Fun times!! But I am so ready to be home despite the fact that it is freezing there and snowing on top of that....ahhh Luckily I packed several coats and sweaters. ~Kendra~

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