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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yesterday's outfit

Yesterday I stayed at home in my pjs a large majority of the day. Then around 5 I finally go out to go grab some dinner and then go to my grandma's to hangout with her a bit. Here's what I wore:

restful monday by Kendra ATO

Blue tee- $3 at Wal Mart
Tank- $1 at Goodwill (Mines brown)
Dark Denim- $10.49 at Old Navy
Scarf- 99cents at Tralee Resale
Bangles- $3 at Wal Mart
Gold Flats- $1.80 on sale at Dollar General

Today I am going shopping to find some cute turtlenecks, because I'm inspired by the awesome layering skills of "Fab Finds under $50" She layers so well and use tons of turtle necks.

Turtlenecks by Kendra ATO

Thats all for now :) ~Kendra~


WendyB said...

That cupcake hat is hysterical.

Milly said...

She sure knows how to layer...i have yet to learn...i have some in various layers and darn i cant get it right lol...i'll keep trying