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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Night Out On The Town

So Sunday night my boyfriend and his bestie went to eat, a movie and out for drinks at Lucky Lous...I wanted to be comfy, but still cute. I wore my new skinnies...cus I luv em and added some other old and new items. :)


Here's what I wore:
Funky top-$2.98 at JcPenny
Grey vest-$1.98 at JcPenny
Denim Skinnies-$7 at Rainbow (Gifted from the bf)
Snake skin flats-$11.99 at Ross (gifted from BF)
Green Purse-$5 at Claires (gifted from the bf)
Peace Bracelet-$1.99 at Rue 21(gifted from the bf)
I luv the way the patterns mized in this outfit...the snakeskin and the leaves looked fun together! Hope everyone's havin a great week...I can't believe how quickly summer is slipping by!!! ~Kendra~

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back again

Sorry this summer has been flying by. Last week I went to Possum Kingdom lake for the entire week with my boyfriend and two puppies. We had a blast: swimming, reading, playing cards, skipping rocks and just relaxing. We got back yesterday and decided to do a movie date night. I was in the mood to get dressed up and I really like what I came up with. Jewel tones and denim :)

Here's what I wore:
Grey top- gifted from Mom from Cato
Denim Skinnies-Gifted from BF $7 at Rainbow
Sequin Jacket-$3.99 at Goodwill
Grey wedges-$11 from Payless
Beaded Bracelet-Gifted from Mom
Nine West Bag-Gifted from BF from Ross
Sparley Barrets-$1 att roadside stand
We went to see My Sister's Keeper...it was good but a little too emotional for a date night. My boyfriend suffered through it though...he so sweet :) I also did my hair in cute barretts and ringlets...it turned out pretty cute. Hope everyone's doing great!! ~Kendra~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bib Necklace DIY

So last night I did tons of DIYing and I am going to share them with you along with How To's so you can try em too. I think I will officialy make Thursdays DIY Thursday from now on. Oh and I need to start doing Saving Saturdays again!! Anyways, here's the first installment of DIY Thursday :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Looklet.com is AHHHmazing!

It's like Polyvore on acid lol Anyways, it is amazing!!! You should go check it out....here's a look I put together on there:

Hope everyone likes it!! ~Kendra~

Swim Gear

So today I was supposed to meet up with a friend to hit the pool for some swimming/tanning, but she ended up not being able to make it and I ended up having to hit the textbook store because I got the wrong edition of my business ethics textbook, so although I was decked out for the pool I never made it there lol

Here's What I Wore:

-Pink Coverup-$12 at WalMart

-Swim Tank-$10 at Walmart

-Bottoms-$12 at Walmart

-Sunglasses-10cents at a Garage Sale

-Flipflops-$1.41 at Denton Thrift

Flower Printed Bag-$5 at Walgreens

I also took the book I am reading Shopaholic Hits Manhattan...so Good...plus mu cute beach towel. :) Hopefully I will acctually make to the pool or even better the lake, very soon!!! ~Kendra~


So I've noticed alot of people have been doing DIY projects lately, so since I have no plans tonight Im think of trying out some DIY stuff of my own...I have a big pile of clothes to give away, but I think I am going to do some DIYing with them instead....wish me luck :) I'm gonna work on some old tees, old shoes and purses. Got any great DIY Ideas? Let me know, so I can try em out. Thanks!! ~Kendra~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Im Still Alive lol

I know I've been coming and going from blog world alot lately...lol Anyways, My boyfriend went on a business trip, so since I didn't wanna be bored I invited my bro and dad to come see me for a few days, so I've been busy....puttputt, watching movies, eating out at fun local resturants, bowling, taking silly pics and watching the home makeover shows my dad and I adore hehe. Anyways, I also had my second interview for the job I talked about a few posts ago. I think it went really well...with the fam here I wasn't able to get in a pic, but I wore the exact same outfit I wore on Father's Day
....so cute!! Anyways, I am supposed to recieve a call about the job early next week...fingers crossed!!! Oh and just so you remember here's a pic of that outfit:

Here's what I wore:
LBD w/ Printed Jacket-$24.99 at Cato
Red Peep Toes-$4.99 at Cato
Hope everyone's having a great week!! ~Kendra~

Friday, July 10, 2009

Casual Dinner Date

So my boyfriend and I met for dinner during his work break...we ate at this little italian place. It has some yummy italian subs and stuff. So good! Anyways, I wanted to look cute, but be comfy and not to covered up, because it was sooooo hot outside. After dinner I also headed to the mall to do some browsing and ended up buy a blue tee and a greay vest thing I will show you all very soon, but on to what I wore yesterday:

Here's What I Wore:
Black tank-free from mom
Vintage Express skirt-$1.49 at Denton Thrift
Black necklace-$1 at Dollar Tree
Sandals-$7.99 at Cato
This outfit was simple, comfy and just the look I've been loving lately....flowy minis with a tank top and cute sandals. Hope everyones having a great week!! ~Kendra~

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Savoring the Lazy Days

So this morning I had a job interview and in the rush of things forgot to take a pick...dang it...my outfit was sooo cute! I wore a b/w polka dot tie at the neck top tucked in to a black pencil skirt with black heels that have gold things on the toe and my black VS Bag.
Anyways, as soon as I got done with the interview I went to my boyfriends apartment and comfy and layed on the couch watching tv until about 2pm. I was lazy today lol. But I just finished my first 2 summer classes and have a few days on nothing till I start 2 more classes, so I'm taking advantage of it!!

Here's what I'm wearing:
OP Pink Coverup-$12 at Walmart
Flipflops-$1.41 at Denton Thrift
Flowery swimsuit tank-$5.99 at Denton Thrift
Black Swimsuit shorts-$10 at walmart
I am just on the computer, then running a few errand and then I'm gonna lay by the pool and ready "Shopaholic Goes to Manhattan" :) What a lovely day!! ~Kendra~
PS: Do u like my new haircut...I know it does look that much like the picture, but I didnt want my layers as short and I wanted to keep my length, cus I'm growing out my hair.....but I luv it! :) The bangs are fun and summery...yay!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Time Casual

So since I will be getting a job soon (Fingers Crossed) I am taking advantage of these casual days by wearing shorts and comfy summery tanks :) I used to hate exposing my arms, but this summer I am all about it lol. It's way to hot to cover up!!!

Here's What I'm Wearing:
Funky top-$1.49 at Denton Thirft (gifted from Bf-he gave me $30 to go thrifting yesterday, since I helped him clean his crazyness of a room lol)
Orange Tank-$3 at Luxxi
Shorts-$10 at Walmart (purchased last summer)
Sandals-$9 at Walmart (Purchased last summer)
Necklace-$1 at the 99cent store
Today I have to take two online finals and then I am going to get my haircut...woohoo! ~Kendra~
PS: Do u like the collage look of my outfit post?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I wanna get a haircut....

And here's what I want it to look like.....except I want it a little long, cus I'm growing out my hair, but I want these choppy layers and side swept bangs :) Hopefully I can get it cut tommorow, so my hair will look cute for my job interview on Thursday!! I just feel like I've gotten back in one of those slumps where I put my hair in a ponytail everyday. I have to change my hair regularly or I get like that lol ....Anyways,

Don't you think this styles cute ~Kendra~

Monday, July 6, 2009

Vacation fun

My boyfriend and I headed to the lake Last week: Sunday thru Tuesday. His fam has a lakehouse at Possum Kingdom...it was soo much fun! We swam, cooked on the grill, let our pups run wild and rode seadoos. We had a blast!
Here's the view from the patio:

Here's Jackson on our way to the lake: (Not pictured Zoey, our Shitzu)

Here's Beau and I at the lake being silly :)

Here's me riding on the lake :)

This and some other trips are why my posts have been so infrequent lately...my internship ended, so I got to taste some summer fun...Anyways, I am hoping to get a job this week, so it will be back to work for me very soon...until then I am enjoying quality summer time and studying for my summer classes. ~Kendra

Floral Sunday

While I was visiting my family I went shopping...of course...and got this amazing dress at Cato. I also got this cute ring from my grandma...she had ordered it from Avon and she didn't like it, but it matched my dress perfectly, so she gave it to me :) Oh and she also got me this cute purse from Cato.
Here's what I wore:
Floral Dress-$9.99 at Cato gifted from Mom
Ring-$9 from Avon gifted from Gma
Purse-$9.99 at Cato gifted from Gma
Shoes-$5 at Payless during a BOGO sale
Hope everyone had a great weekend!! ~Kendra~

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July

This 4th of July I spent with my family in Pampa, Tx. We spent the weekend relaxing, shopping and spending time together. We went and watched fireworks and while they went off lightning was going on it the distance...so pretty!! Anyways, we had a great time! Sorry I've been away from the blog...Sunday thru Tuesday I went to the lake with my bf and then wednesday I left to see my family, so I have been traveling and mostly wearing a swimsuit, shorts and tshirts...so nothing post worth lol. Anyways, hopefully I will be back on schedule soon :)
Here's what I wore:
Printed top-$3.99 at Cato
White tank-$3 at Luxxi
Red Necklace-free from mom i think
Jeans-$3.50 at Goodwill
Silver Sandals-$9 at walmart last summer
I think this outfit looked 4th of July-ish without having to wear a flag tee or flag vest like my grandma hahaha I don't like to dress exactly like the holiday, but i thought this top incorporated the colors and looks great :) Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July!!! ~Kendra~