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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Time Casual

So since I will be getting a job soon (Fingers Crossed) I am taking advantage of these casual days by wearing shorts and comfy summery tanks :) I used to hate exposing my arms, but this summer I am all about it lol. It's way to hot to cover up!!!

Here's What I'm Wearing:
Funky top-$1.49 at Denton Thirft (gifted from Bf-he gave me $30 to go thrifting yesterday, since I helped him clean his crazyness of a room lol)
Orange Tank-$3 at Luxxi
Shorts-$10 at Walmart (purchased last summer)
Sandals-$9 at Walmart (Purchased last summer)
Necklace-$1 at the 99cent store
Today I have to take two online finals and then I am going to get my haircut...woohoo! ~Kendra~
PS: Do u like the collage look of my outfit post?


Milly said...

Cute top!!....i dont like exposing my arms too much either

Cristina said...

I am really liking that top and WOW on that price. I like how you have the orange tank under it.