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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Im Still Alive lol

I know I've been coming and going from blog world alot lately...lol Anyways, My boyfriend went on a business trip, so since I didn't wanna be bored I invited my bro and dad to come see me for a few days, so I've been busy....puttputt, watching movies, eating out at fun local resturants, bowling, taking silly pics and watching the home makeover shows my dad and I adore hehe. Anyways, I also had my second interview for the job I talked about a few posts ago. I think it went really well...with the fam here I wasn't able to get in a pic, but I wore the exact same outfit I wore on Father's Day
....so cute!! Anyways, I am supposed to recieve a call about the job early next week...fingers crossed!!! Oh and just so you remember here's a pic of that outfit:

Here's what I wore:
LBD w/ Printed Jacket-$24.99 at Cato
Red Peep Toes-$4.99 at Cato
Hope everyone's having a great week!! ~Kendra~


Anonymous said...

Cute jacket!

Milly said...

good luck!