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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Savoring the Lazy Days

So this morning I had a job interview and in the rush of things forgot to take a pick...dang it...my outfit was sooo cute! I wore a b/w polka dot tie at the neck top tucked in to a black pencil skirt with black heels that have gold things on the toe and my black VS Bag.
Anyways, as soon as I got done with the interview I went to my boyfriends apartment and comfy and layed on the couch watching tv until about 2pm. I was lazy today lol. But I just finished my first 2 summer classes and have a few days on nothing till I start 2 more classes, so I'm taking advantage of it!!

Here's what I'm wearing:
OP Pink Coverup-$12 at Walmart
Flipflops-$1.41 at Denton Thrift
Flowery swimsuit tank-$5.99 at Denton Thrift
Black Swimsuit shorts-$10 at walmart
I am just on the computer, then running a few errand and then I'm gonna lay by the pool and ready "Shopaholic Goes to Manhattan" :) What a lovely day!! ~Kendra~
PS: Do u like my new haircut...I know it does look that much like the picture, but I didnt want my layers as short and I wanted to keep my length, cus I'm growing out my hair.....but I luv it! :) The bangs are fun and summery...yay!


Anonymous said...

i like your cut alot! very cute with the bottom flipped out!

Kari said...

Your interview outfit sounds completely cute! I love black and white polka dots.

That's a fun coverup. Enjoy the summer!

Sher said...

yes enjoy your summer! Too soon you will be working full time.

Monique said...

Cute hair!!

The Bargainista said...

LOVE the hair cut! It looks great on you! :)