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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas DIY's and Outfit Post

SO today I worked on 2 DIY's....one for myself and one as a Christmas present for my boyfriend. The one I make for me is a chain and ribbon necklace like the one Nic Richi wears....I found 2 18in chains at Wal Mart for $2.79 each (I attached them to make one longer necklace) then I found some black ribbon for 97cents. All I did was clasp the necklaces together to make one, then I weaved the ribbon thru the necklace. To secure it I hotglued the ends of the ribbon around the ends of the necklace. It turned out really well...even though I missed one loop in the chain hehe. It was simple and cute, I def wanna do it again with a gold chain, but they didn't have gold at walmart.

My next diy project is a Texas Tech zipup sweatshirt for my boyfriend. I know I could easily buy him one, but he has plenty of store bought ones and after a while they all tend to look the same. Since he got us tickets to the Cotton Bowl I wanted him to have something special to wear. I got a greay zip up hoodie for $10 at Wal Mart. I also got white, brown and black paint for 98cents each. Then I got some Tech fabric and some brown and white fabric. I simply cut out a square of from the fabric with the tech symbol on it and glued it on the front of the hoodie to look like a label...its cute. I haven't started the back yet, but I plan to cut a football out of the brown fabric and then embelish it with the white fabric. Then I plan to cutout the letters "Texas Tech" out of the texas tech fabric and arrange it nicely on the back....I hope he likes it :)

On to my outfit post for the day, since todays Church I dressed cute....I got to wear my new skirt, boots and tights that I havent gotten to wear yet, so I was excited :)

Church time by Kendra ATO

Cream swetaer- $1.50 at Denton Thrift
Tank Top- $1 at Goodwill (Mines Brown)
Grey tights- 59cents at Goodwill
Pinted skirt-$3.99 at Catp (Mine also has some brown splatter on it)
Brown Boots- $8 at Platos Closet
Brown Belt- Free from BF (He dressed as a woman for halloween and the belt to the skirt he wore was to small so he gave it to me)

Welp, time for bed :)

1 comment:

Syana said...

those brown boots are $8 ??? are you kidding me?

I want those! where can I buy them?? I really need a decent pair of brown leather boots