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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crazy Busy Finals....ahh!!!!

So instead of an outfit post today I am showing all of you 10 things that I am currently loving...So here they are:

My 10 Must Haves by Kendra ATO

First of all, I am in love with tank tops!!! I got these two striped tanks for $3 each at Walmart, but my fav place to get tanks is from Goodwill because all of theirs sale for $1.99 everyday! :) Next is a black blazer. I got mine for $1.99 at Denton Thrift. It's so versatile and is just a great addition to any wardrobe. Next are my heart earrings...I got mine at Claires when they were on sale for 50cents....Claires has a sale they do pretty often called the 10 for $5 sale and when they do I buy as much as I can...I ussually spend $10 05 $15, so I end up with tons of jewelry. Next are beaded necklaces...I have a whole drawer full of them...most come from Claires. Next is a Chanel bag...I was soooo soo lucky to find one at a local thrift store (Denton Thrift) and I'm pretty sure it's the real thing and I scored it for $8.99...wow!! Next on the list are my camel ugg boots, I know some people hate them, but they are so warm and comfy and I like em with my dark denim skinnies :) I got mine for $7 at Wal Mart. Next are scarves....I think I have at least 50 scarves....I get most of mine at Goodwill because they have them for 99cents and every time I go they have a new selection, which is great! Oh and of course every girl needs a little black dress...I scored an Issac Mizrahi for Target black dress from Denton Thrift for $1.99. Another love of mine are headbands....I have a huge ziploc bag stuffed with them. I get them from Claires, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Avon. My favorite one is simple and black and I got it at Dollar Tree. Last, but not least....I love tights!! Goodwill sales them for 59cents and a few days ago I scored some old navy gray tights there....I was very happy!

Well its time for me to get back to my homework.....Hope everyone had a great day! ~Kendra~

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