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Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Rush

So I woke up at 7:50 this morning and I had to be in class at 8...oh my. So I threw some clothes on and ran out the door....no makeup..oh my! Anyways, since its monday I had to wear a sorority shirt, so I did some layering to make it cute and warm :) It starting to get really cold her in north texas :)

Monday Rush by Kendra ATO

White Long Sleeved Sorority Tee- Free
Black hoodie-$4 at DEB
Dark Denim Jeans -$10.49...I thought they were 14, but I looked at the tag again and they weer really less...yay!
Jeweled Flats- $5 at Claires
Pink scarf-$4.99 at Old Navy
Nine West Purse- $35 at Ross

Oh and on the sweater I used my Bejewler and added some silver studds to make it more fun. Also my shirt has small teal sorority letters on the front :)

Well, I have a Christmas party to go to tonight....hmm what to wear...I wanna dress up, but I dont wanna be cold. I think I am gonna see how I like adding some fun tights to my dresses...I've bought a bunch but haven't had the guts to wear any of them yet hehe Plus it's been to hot here.

Well, I need to go take care of the dogs and do some homework...woohoo!! ~Kendra~

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