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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh my, I fell for an impulse buy :(

Today I had a horrible moment at the mall....I saw a store that sold wigs and for some reason I was drawn to it and I thought I loved a wig, so I shelled out way to much money to get it....then when I got home less then a few hours later I tried it on again and totally had buyers remorse...I was like "Why did I buy this?" I was in a panic...I wondered if I could get my money back or what to do....so I drove back to the mall, wig in tow and asked the lady if I could get a refund, she then pointed to a small sign on the register that said no refunds, no returns and no exchanges...I was so upset I turned to leave, but I was determined, so I turned around and said with a tear in my eye are u sure there isn't anything you can do??? The lady obviously felt sorry for me, so she allowed me to exchange it for a purse...I ended up getting a pink and orange purse which is really cute, but I would've never paid as much as I did for it...ahh well...It's my splurge/opps for this paycheck. Anyways...on to better news.....heres some new things I got while shopping this past week:

New Purchases by Kendra ATO

I have definately got some good buys lately...I hope after Christmas shopping at home is as much fun as my thrift shopping at school has been lately :) ~Kendra~

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