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Monday, June 20, 2011

Colorful Work Wear

Monday plus training at the new job equals a need for some bright colors to boost the excitement.  Ok, I'm super pumped for my new job!!!  :)  But Mondays and traings can be a little less than colorful, so I put color in my day my own way with this funky, but still work appropraite outfit. :)
Funky Top- $8.88 at the $8 Fashion Outlet
Black Pencil Skirt- $8.88 at the $8 Fashion Outlet
Coral Belt- Came in a set of 2 for $3 at Dots
Red Jewel Necklace- $1 at Claires
Multi-colored Jewel Bracelet- $1 at MIZ Accessories
Red Sandal Heels- $8.88 at the $8 Fashion Outlet
Large Gray Bag- $12 from Old Navy (via Christmas present 2yrs ago)
On My Nails: Elf's Fire Color- $1 at http://www.eyeslipsface.com/
(Didn't have my hair/makeup done yet, so I cut off my head in the pics...hehe)
What do you throw on to brighten up your day when it might be a blah one?  ~Kendra~

1 comment:

Style Journey said...

I dress up! With colors! I am actually having a blah day.

Your floral top is wonderful! Good luck at the new job.