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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Tweed

I am loving this outfit...I just wish u could really see the full length picture. (Mental note: Must go to walmart to exchange the wrong memory card I bought, so I can get my camera up and running again...this webcam doesn't cut it for full outfit shots.) I think the summer tweed with it's grey, gold and cream colors look great with the awesome Talbots necklace I score on mega clearance last Friday. Also, my new peep toe nude heels are a great finishing touch to round out the cool, soft tones of this outfit. :)
Gray Ruffle Top- 75cents at Denton Thrift
Pink Ribbon and Gold Chain necklace- about $14 at Talbots (Originally $79)
Nude Skinny Belt-about $4 at Talbots Outlet (Originally $29)
Tweed Skirt- $5.99 at Cato
Nude Peep Toe Heels- $14.99 at Cato
Gold Men's Stretch Watch- $10 at Walmart
Nine West Purse- gift from boyfriend <3
Outfit Total- A little less than $50
I feel like everytime I got to Talbots Outlet, I am getting such good quality for a great price....I love that!! I have been dying for a necklace like the pink and gold one here. Most of them I've really loved sure were too expensive, but this beauty fit into my budget perfectly. Gotta love an inexpensive outfit that doesn't look like it!! What fancy things do you have that you got for a really good deal? ~Kendra~

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Cynthia said...

You are looking great! Love the shoes, necklace and bag. I must go check out Talbots soon. Still working on losing and trying not to buy anything new before school starts. I have given myself till school starts at the end of August to buy new items. Have a great day!