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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Study, Study....Schools Your Buddy!!

Well, today I woke up around 5am to study but the dogs had to potty, so I took em out and had some breakfast. Then I went over my flash cards one time through. Then I got dressed for class. I have one test on wednesday and one on thursday...is this week over yet??? I'm going crazy!!!!

Here's what Im wearing today...I wanted something fun but comfortable for studying:

Grey dress-$5 at Walmart
Red tee-$3 at Family Dollar
Black Belt-$1 at Dollar Tree
Black necklace-50cents thrifted
B/w polka dot bangle-50cents at Claires
Denim Skinny Jeans-$15 at Walmart
Leopard flats-$5 at Claires

Here's a closeup of the shoes and bracelet:

Hope everyone has a great day! ~Kendra~


Monique said...

You look so cute when you study!! Here I am, in sweats, a tee, and a pony tail, haha!

*Lady D* said...

I really love this look!

Anonymous said...

your fat