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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Style

Well....this morning my bf and I ran some errands and then went out to breakfast at a cute little place by Lantana. The food was very yummy and we had fun. The rest of the day I will be studying and possibly grocery shopping/ laundry. Doesn't sound to exciting hehe

Here's my first outfit post with my new camera.....YAY!!!

Printed top-gift from mom
Purple Tank-$9 at Charolette Rousse
Black Belt $1 at Dollar Tree
Black Bag(Avenue brand)- $5 at Salvation Army
Pink necklace-$1.99 at Cato
Jeans-$10.49 at Old Navy
Gold falts-$12 at Payless
Pink nail polish-50cents at Dollar Tree

Close up of the bag:

Black Bag

The Acessories:

Accessories 2-15-09

I am so glad I got my new camera...I have yet to figure out the timer and tripod my mom got me...thats on my list of things to do hehe :) For now the bf is the official picture taker hehe Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday! ~Kendra~


ohthatgirl said...

Holy Belt buckle, Batman! It's huge...and I love it. LOL! Great outfit. I love the pattern on the top. Yay for the BF gifting you with a camera. I'm happy to see your outfits come to life. ;O)

Londyn said...

Very cute!