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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Party Time :)

I got photobucket, so now you will be seeing pics....yay!!

I'm the first blue dress from the right. :)


This is a pic of my fav formal dress. I wore it to my sorority formal about 2 yrs ago. The reason I'm posting it is to get in the party mood hehe Todays my bfs 28th birthday and tommorows my 23rd and my lil bros 2oth. Woohooo. Then there's Valentines Day! <3 I love February! I'm excited....cus I got an awesome dress to wear to the suprise bday party im throwing for him tommorow night. He thinks hes just taking me out to dinner, but all our friends will be there to suprise him....yay!! ~Kendra~

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ohthatgirl said...

Great pic! Happy Birthdays all around. :O)