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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Giveaway Update

Well...something went wrong with the giveaway post and I can't read the 2 comments I already have...so everyone leave your comments for the giveaway here instead. I'm so sorry to the 2 people who already commented! Remember you have till 8am on Monday....so get those comments going. Good luck ladies!! :) ~Kendra~


barefootinboots said...

These blogs are some of my favorite but check out my blog roll (updating tonight) to find a ton of great fashion finds!

Milly said...

I love giveaways....cute stuff
OK...i still need to learn how to link
but you can find them in my blog roll
1st-My supersweet fashion diary
love how she mixes low end (Forever21, target) and high end (Chanel, LV etc)
2nd-Fab finds under $50
(her pattern mixing, color combo are great)
3rd-Karla's closet
(rocks great high heel shoes)
The Lip print (if your into makeup)
her makeup is flawless, reviews on makeup, video how to's

Good Luck to everyone that enters

Goober said...

I read TONS of fashion blogs, but if I had to choose my 3 favorites it would be:

As a thrifty shopper I love seeing someone who dresses WONDERFULLY without breaking the bank.

I found this through fabfinds, and it's a wonderful collection of fashionable ladies. Add to that tutorials like thier color wheel, and it's informative and inspiring.

Okay, technically this isn't a blog, but I LOVE checking out her outfits - she has such a sense of style. Checking out her flickr is part of my morning internet routine when I get to work :)