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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Style

So I finally caught up on rest after the crazy week of studying, school and work....ahh!! So totday I felt like dressing up a bit...So today I went out to breakfast with the bf, then went to the park with the pups, then went thrifting and then cooked lunch for the bf. It's been a nice relaxing day :) I just love the days were I have lots to do, but its stuff I wanna do, not stuff I have to do hehe Aren't those days the best!! Anyways, here's what I'm wearing today:

Brown/gold gliter sweater-$1 at Denton Thrift
Black tee-$3 at Family Dollar
Brown Tank-$1 at Goodwill
Dark Denim-$10.49 at Old Navy
Necklace-50cents thrifted
Brown Bag-$3.49 at Denton Thrift
Leopard Flats-$1.24 at Denton Thrift
Here are the shoes, necklace and bag close up:

Hope everyone has a great weekend and don't forget toparticipate in myGiveaway :) ~Kendra~