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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Savings Day

Yesterday I went to Plato's Closet bag sale....they give u a tiny bag and u stuff all the clothes u can in it for $10 per bag....I got two bags....and ended up with 25 new shirts for $20 :) Thats a good deal

Here's what I wore shopping yesterday:

Shopping Madness
Shopping Madness - by Kendra ATO on Polyvore.com

Purple tank-$9 at Charolette Rousse
Printed top-$1.99 at Cato
Neck;ace-$1.99 at Cato
Jeans-$15 at Walmart
Boots-$12 at Walmart (Mine r the same color but ugg style)
Bangles-$2.95 at Bealls
Sweater-$29.99 at Luxxi

Here's what I'm wearing today:

Super Bowl Sunday
Super Bowl Sunday - by Kendra ATO on Polyvore.com

Purple tee-95cents at Plato's Closet
purple stripe tank-95cents at Platos closet (mine has grey stripes)
Light Denim-$8 at Old Navy
Greay Sweater-$29.99 at Luxxi
floral flats-$9 at Walmart
Black bag-$5 at Salvation Army
Heart earrings-$9 at Mardel

Thats about it for now :) Hope everyone enjoys watching the Super Bowl! ~Kendra~

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