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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Savings Saturday

So yesterday my bf gave me some shopping money, because I did 6 loads of laundry for him...he hates laundry hehe But I luv to shop, so of course I'll do it :)

Anyways, heres what I got at Denton Thirft(I still have money left over...I see more shopping in my future hehe):

Savings Saturday
Savings Saturday - by Kendra ATO on Polyvore.com

1. Maroon Sweater: 99cents

2. White Sweater: $3.50....so warm and comfy!!

3. Teal sweater: 75cents (Mines a half sweater..I can layer it for brightness now or swear it on a cool summer night :)

4. Classic b/w sweater- 99cents

5. Black flats (Gap brand) 99cents

6. funky sweater $1.50 (Mines darker brown with gold speaks sewn in)

Ohh and I also got my haircut yesterday....Its shoulder length and my bangs go to the side...its cute!

Welp, thats about it for now...Hope everyone has a great weekend!! ~Kendra~

1 comment:

Milly said...

such great finds!