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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Schools over for the week....Yay!!

Well, somehow I made it through another school week. hehe I am definately ready for the weekend!! I have to work tommorow, but that's no biggie :) I like it! Then I have a nice weekend....I do have to study for a big test I have next wednesday for my Educ class. Oh and I need to read through my notes for my earth sci class and do the chapter review for my other sci class. Sounds like alot, but really not to bad hehe After I am done posting this I am going to do some shopping...I had a long day yesterday....I deserve it...or at least thats what Im telling myself hehe :)
So here's what I'm wearing today:
printed tee-$1.89 at Cato (The clearance reacks at Cato are amazing!)
pea green sweater-$9 at Cato
Gren necklace-$6.99 at Cato
Sparkly tanktop-$1 at Nearly New Thrift
Light Denim-$8 at Old Navy
Gold Flats-$1.80 at Dollar General
Today's outfit total: $28.68 (Pretty good)
Well, time to do some more bargain hunting!! Hope everyone has a great day! ~Kendra~


Milly said...

very pretty...nice necklace.

Ally said...

That necklace is AMAZING, lady! My mom always gets the cutest stuff at Cato - I need to start popping in there!

VP said...

I like the color of the sweater. Good finds!