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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Class Time Fashion

So today I am extremly sore from the crazy workout my bf and I did yesterday....oh my....everything hurts hehe. Anyways, I am currently sitting here eatting a muffin, sipping on a soda and wishing I never had to get up and do anything productive today, but that is not the case lol. I just got out of class...now I need to go walk the dogs, vaccum my bfs apartment, study, go to work from 2:20-5:30 and then workout. Then I can rest....ahhh!! Anyways, despite all that crazyness here's what I'm wearing today:

Class time fashion
Class time fashion - by Kendra ATO on Polyvore.com

Funky tank-free from mom (She never tries stuff on, so I get all her clothes she never wears that didnt fit her just right)
Long sleeved tee-$2 at Tralee Resale (Mines dark brown)
Dark jeans-$10.49 at Old Navy
Leaopard Flats-$1.29 at Denton Thrift
Bracelets-50cents for the set at Claires
Black Bag-$5 at Salvation Army

Todays outfit total cost: $19.28 :)

Time to go get stuff done hehe Hope everyone has a great day!! ~Kendra~

1 comment:

ohthatgirl said...

Cute outfit! I like all the layering.

I kicked my own a$$ at the gym yesterday and can barely walk today so i feel for you.