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Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Monday Already??

So today I couldn't decide for the life of me what to wear...everything seemed wrong. So I decided to go for my two favorite and most comfy winter items....My teal uggs and my grey sweater. Not the most stylish outfit ever, but no worries...I will be very stylish tonight at the Mardi Gras party and I will post pics from that probably tommorow morning.

Grey Sweater-$29.99 at Luxxi (Gift from the BF)
Multi colored tank-$2? at Old Navy
Blackn Tank-$9 at Charolette Rouse
Denim Skinnies-$15 at Wal Mart
Teal fake Uggs-$12 at Walmart (Gifted from mom)
Green bag-$5 from Claires (gifted from the BF)
Funky pendant necklace-50cents at Tralee Resale

This weekend wasso nice...I did some homework...relaxed alot...hungout with a friend...had fun with the bf....took the dogs to the park....it was just great after the crazy week last week. :) Don't you just love those weekends that make you feel revitalized and refreshed....I think this weeks gonna be much better. Plus now that I've had my first test in my two hardest classes I know better how to study and what's important. Time to head to class soon. Hope everyone has a great week! ~Kendra~

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