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Friday, January 9, 2009

It's an obsession

So I am obsessed with layering....and tank tops work so well for that!!! I have two drawers overflowing with tanks tops of every style and color, so I just wanted to pay a little tribute to tank tops :) hehe

Tank tops
Tank tops by Kendra ATO

Sorry I;ve been absent for a few days....I'm back in Denton, but my dorm isn't open yet, so Im stayin with the Bf, which means limited internet access till wednesday when the dorms open again. I tried to visit everyone's blog a leave some comments. Hope everyones having a great new year!! ~Kendra~


ohthatgirl said...

I totally and completely understand. I had to rearrange my drawers in order to accommodate all my tanks. FOr me, my obsession is definitely tanks...and cardis. :O)

Anonymous said...

I always think it's ridiculous how many tank tops and tube tops I own, especially since I got most of them when I was living in Portland, Oregon. I think what is worse than that addiction, is my addiction to cardigans, like 'ohthatgirl' said. :)

makeovermomma said...

I bought a boatload of tanks for my daughter & I on the walmart.com website. They had them on clearance for $2