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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Savings and Thanks

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post...u ladies inspired me to continue blogging, I wasn't going to stop, but now I am re motivated and ready to go hehe Sorry Ive been MIA for the past few days...I finally came back home from the holidays and my boyfriend and I celebrated a late Christmas Thursday and Friday we went to see Tech play in the Cotton Bowl. Anyways, I'm back, but I will be going to the lake next monday and tuesday, so I won't be able to post then either. :(

Here are some of my great savings finds from the past week:

Saturday Savings by Kendra ATO

I've done a ton of great shopping so far this Christmas break :) This next week is really my last break, because then I start back to work, but I'm glad cus I miss the kids I nanny for!! They are fun and I get bored when I'm not busy hehe Hope everyone has a great weekend full of some good shopping! ~Kendra~


Anonymous said...

So, why have I never shopped at Cato before?! What cute stuff, especially love the $4.50 cape! I totally just checked out Cato's site and what do you know there is one 5 miles from my house - going next weekend for sure!

Milly said...

Great Finds!