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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Got The Job!!!!

My interview went great yesterday...I only went to the first interview, because they offered me the job and I accepted...woohoo!!!!! I am so excited. So I am an entry level Public Relations and Marketing Rep. There seem to be so many great oppourtunities at the company and I can't wait to start work on Tuesday!!! :) So for now I am enjoying my last few days of not working and thinking about how I can make my job outfits more fun. As an entry level rep I have to wear a white polo and khakis. I will get a grey polo with the logo on it soon. I also have to wear comfy shoes, because I will be on my feet most of the day! Sounds like a fun challenge to me :) I personally don't like khakis...I had to go purchase some before the second interview...and a I had to get a white polo too...lol Anyways, here are some ideas:

#1-Simply add pearls, a pearl and gold bracelet and woven tan flats
#2-Brown flats with gold bangles and then add a teal necklace for a pop of color
#3-Camel scarf, chunky brown bangle and leopard flats
#4-Plaid flats with a black necklace and bangle
#5-Purple flats with a floral scarf and colorful bangles
#6-Zebra flats with a pink beaded necklace and jeweled bangles
#7-Gold flats and a gold beaded necklace
I am so excited about my new job and hope I can rock my khakis and polo in new and fun ways!!! ~Kendra~


Nicci@NiftyEats said...

Just came across your blog. love it! congrats on getting the job!

Milly said...


Cristina said...

Yes CONGRATS!!! How exciting for you.

Modest Mom said...

Congratulations. Can't wait to see the revved up work outfits.