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Friday, May 1, 2009

Being a Grownup Intro

Well, I am about to graduate college in about 8mths, so now is the time for me to start marketing myself and preparing to get out into the 'real world.' My parents want me to try my best to find a job or internship now that relates to what I want to do when I graduate, which I agree is a good idea. So today I dropped my resume off at a senior care place where I would like to be a Life Enrichment Coordinator...I would basically plan all their activies, organize and recruit volunteers and make sure the seniors have fun activies to be a part of while there. I'm really excited, because I think I'd really enjoy it. Hopefully they call me soon. (Fingers Crossed!)
So here's what I wore to drop off my resume:
Black wide leg trousers-$1.29 at Denton Thrift
Tan button down top-$4.99 at Denton Thrift (If u can't tell it has a skinny tie at the waist)
Tan heels-$11 at Payless
Black bag-$6.24 at Target
Funky scarf-59cents at Goodwill
Outfit total: $24.11 (Not to bad!)
Well, I just finished my homework, so all I have left to do is babysit tonight and then it's officially the weekend...woohoo!!!! ~Kendra~


Sher said...

Great "grown up" outfit! It's really stylish :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too!


Milly said...

very pretty.....cute shoes and scarf

Lmac said...

Great outfit! Loving the top! Glad I came across your blog - I'm 23 as well, I'm a nursing student and I have a dog! Have a great day!

Elaine said...

Love that bag!! and nice touch with the $.59 scarf!!

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Anonymous said...

I have those shoes!!! :-)

Your parents are smart in suggesting a internship/job that relates to your degree/career or choice. Good luck in making it happen!

onoMotopeia said...

Love the shoes, and the scarf! What a great deal :)


Hanako66 said...

cute! I love that bag!!

Kim @ The HLMN said...

Oh my goodness. That outfit is incredible for that price. It's incredible anyway. You did a fantastic job!