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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Burr, where are you spring sunshine??

Today I though it was going to be nice and sunny outside, but it ended up being cloudy and windy....no bueno for my outfit choice, but I toughed it out, because I liked my outfit hehe. Also, I used to never ever be caught in shorts, but last summer I had no choice because the heat was crazyness. So I got these at JcPenny for $10 and I luv em cause they are not to short or fitted.
Here's what I'm wearing today:
Funky top-$3.99 at Denton Thrift
Sandals-$9 at Walmart
Bangle-$1 at Family Dollar
Necklace-$1 at Dollar Tree
Purse-$6.24 at Target
Well, I hope everyone elses days were sunny and warm. ~Kendra~


chantal1922 said...

Is that shirt from Forever 21? I have the same top!! I bought it a few years ago.

Milly said...

cute funky top...and love the sandals

Cristina said...

I know what you mean about where is Spring. I'm so ready for it. I'm looking forward to putting on a pair of shorts. Still very cold here:(

Low Cost High Style said...

Chantal: Yeah the top is Forever 21, but luckily I thrifted it and saved a few bucks. We dont have a Forever 21 in my town, but there is one about 15mins away.

Milly: Thanks...The sandals are super comfortable and the bottoms have a good grip, which is great because alot of the walkways at my school are brick, so if it just rained I won't die in these lol

Cristina: It's been really hot but all of a suddne yesterday it got all rainy...its warm again today, but sadly i wore jeans and tennis shoes, cus I figured it would rain again lol

Anonymous said...

Wanted to let you know in regards to your work wardrobe transition comment earlier this week - I will be running a post by a guest blogger next week that should touch on items to have in your closet for work. Plus, I am working on some similar stuff! Have a great weekend, cutie!

mom said...

Love the outfit on you!!! Wish I could say you look just like your mom, but you are WAY cuter! hehe......lol