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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lovin Leopard

So today I hit the snooze bottom several times...I stayed up late watching The Hills and then 24 with my boyfriend. We went to a movie last night and recorded them on dvr and then watched em later. Anyways, I'm sleepy this morning and glad I only have one class and no work today. So I bought this cardigan last week and have been dying to wear it, so here it is...yay!
What I'm wearing today:
Leopard Cardi-$6.99 at Ross
Brown and white striped bubble tank-$6(i think) at Cato
Brown tank top-$1 at Goodwill (I know I wear this tank so much, but it goes well under everything)
denim-$12.99 at Ross
Bag-$3 at Goodwill
Brown Flipflops-$2.50 at Old Navy
Welp, time to go turn in my takehome exam and go to class. ~Kendra~

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My Shenanigans said...

You're hair looks really cute!