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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The weekend for me....finally!!!

Well, today I had breakfast with my boyfriend, then class, then lunch with my boyfriend, then worked early, then worked on my resume and school stuff and now I am about to go eat dinner and veg out...im exhausted from this week! Tommorow will be a homework and laundry day for me :)
Here's what I'm wearing today:
Tank Top-$5 at Old Navy
Purple tee-$5 at Walmart
Jeans-$12.99 at Ross (I know I need to do laundry...i've just been putting it off)
flipflops-95cents at Denton Thrift
Necklace-$1.10 at Goodwill
Amazing Purple Bag-$1.50 at Goodwill (I adore this bag and I got it during their hald price sale yesterday...its huge and I luv it!)

Hope everyone is having a great week...I'm so glad today is the start of my weekend!!!! ~Kendra~


Sher said...

Love the color block top! I'm searching for a dress in those colors. :)


...love Maegan said...

Cute weekend style!!!!

Lady Death said...

That necklace you got for 1.10$ is stunning! Great find!