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Friday, November 27, 2009


I don't think I told many of my blog friends, but this month I participted in the annual National Novel Writting Month. I completed a novel of 50,102 words in less than a month. Part of my major is English and I was ecited to take on this challenge, but honestly I did not know what I was getting in to! It was hard work and there were times I wished I had not started such a crazy adventure, but now that I am done I am so glad I did it. I wrote a novel. It may not be a best seller, but it was about something I love. A girl who is addicted to shopping, fashion blogs and who is simply trying to find love. I hope to edit it and work on getting it published just for fun. I even found a website where you can publish your own work. I am really encouraged by the fact I was able to finish. I just wanted to encourage everyone else to consider trying it next year. It's not easy, but it is definately an accomplishment you will be proud of once your done. Now that I am done I will be able to focus more on my blog....sorry I have been gone so much lately!! I start work Monday, so you will be seeing businessy outfits very soon :) ~Kendra~

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