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Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Stuff Update

From now on I will be doing special posts each day dedicated to different things.....
Monday-Giveaway Day-Giveaways will be announced on Monday and then the winners will be announced the following Monday.
Tuesday-My Way Tuesday- Where I will take outfit's I've seen in magazines or on other blogs and redo them my way with what's in my closet.
Wednesday-Work It- Take traditional pieces from a working woman's wardrobe and give them a fun spin to make them younger and make my style coexsist with my professional look.
Thursday-DIY Day- Features different DIY projects.
Friday- Frugal Friday-This is where I will showcase low price fab fashions.
Saturday- Savings Saturday-Where I will display different promos, discounts and also what I've recently purchased.
Sunday-The Week In Review-This is where I will post all outfits from the week and let you, the reader, choose which one you like best.

I hope you enjoy it the changes!!  If you have any ideas for DIY's, My Way Tuesday outfits, or anything else please leave a comment or send me an email :)

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