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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Work Style

Today I posted a video on my Youtube Channel: LowCostHighStyle featuring one of my work outfits. I tend to go for cute or funky tops layered with a cardigan, fun accessories, plan dress pants and flats. What's you work style? Part of my style resolutions for the new year is to step out of my work style and do something different....I have tons of dresses and heels in my closet, but haven't been wearing them much lately. I wanna use my whole closet and take advantage of all my accessories, not just a select few. Instead of layering cardis over tops and pants...I wanna layer them over dressed and tights...even add a skinny belt here and there. :) Let me know what your doing this year to break out of your style box. Leave a comment and don't forget to checkout my Youtube channel for fun beauty related videos. Thanks!! Kendra


Better Off Med said...

I've fallen into a style rut of wearing the same stuff all the time too. I'm going to try to wear all of the dresses, skirts, and heels in my closet. Keep up the good work on the channel!

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