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Monday, August 22, 2011

Wild Work Wear

I love animal print and sparkles....add em together and you pretty much get one of my fav outfits ever!!!  I just felt so good with this on at work. Do you have any outfits that just make you feel like your shinning all day? hehehe  This is that outfit for me.

Here's What I'm Wearing:
Black Top-$7.99 at Burlington Coat Factory
Black Tank Top- $5 at random mall store
Animal Print Skirt- $4.99 at Cato
Heels- $4 at Payless
Earrings- 6 for $5 at MIZ Accessories (.83)
Beaded Bracelets- I set from Forever 21- $1.50 and another set from MIZ Accessories 6 for $5
Outfit Total: $25.14

Did yall notice anything different about this pic?  Can you guess?  I got my braces off.....woohooo!!!  I get them off Aug 15th and it feels amazing!!!  Did any of yall every have braces?  Remember that feeling of getting them off and looking at ur new smile?  Totally worth the wait!  ~Kendra~

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Congrats on getting your braces off! Yes, I remember getting mine off and I thought my teeth looked ginormous! haha They'd been covered up w/ metal so long I'd forgotton what they looked like. You put together amazing, low cost outfits btw. Love seeing each items cost. Makes me want to go out and find more bargains for myself!