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Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Madness :)

Since my mom and I went shopping this weekend I had lots of new stuff to choose from...I wanted to wear some of my new shirts, so I mixed my new shorts in with stuff I already had :) I love it when you can get so much more use out of stuff you have when u add a new staple like khaki shorts!

Here's what I'm wearing:
Red tee-free from mom
Orange tank-$3 at Luxxi
Khaki shorts-$10 at Walmart
Sandals-$4.99 at Cato (Got em last summer)
Necklace-50cents at Claires
Nine West Purse-$ at Denton Thrift
Hope everyone has a great start to their week :) ~Kendra~


Monique said...

I really, really like the red on you! Also, I have almost the same pair of sandals, but they are white and from Kohl's.

Sher said...

Happy to see you modeling you new finds :) Like the layering of your T's!

Milly said...

i like the color combo, i dont think i've ever done red with orange before ..must try it