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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Savy Savings

So on Tuesday I wore a cute outfit, well I though so, but my boyfriend didn't really dig it, so he did something fun....he said here's some cash...go to the mall and get some stuff you know I'll like....so instead of being offended I got excited and headed to JcPenny, cus they were having a really good sale. I spent $43 and here's what I got
Blue Shirt: $14 with an extra 20% off that
Khaki Shorts-$13.99 with an extra 20% off that
Blue striped tee and pink striped tee-2 for $2
Brown striped tee-$4.95
I think I did pretty good....and it was all freeto me, so that even better. Isn't my boyfriend the best...despite our differing fashion sense hahahaha ~Kendra~

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