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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hangin out with my bro

So on this day I spent it with my little bro. We went to all his fav places....Walmart, Dollar Tree, McDonalds and Blockbuster. He had a blast and I did too :)
Here's what I wore:
Blue top: $2.95 at JcPennys
Pink Tank: $1 at Walmart
Jeans:$7 at Rainbow (gifted from bf)
flipflops-10cents at garage sale last summer
Purse: Old Navy (gifted from parents)
Anne Klien scarf: 99cents at Goodwill
Necklace:50cents at Goodwill
I luv my brother and miss him so much when I'm at school!! Here's a pic of us below :) ~Kendra~

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