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Monday, November 5, 2012

Instead of jeans this past friday I rocked bright blue pants and a jean jacket.  It's always interesting to hear my friends and co-workers opinions when I wear things that other think of as "out of the box." I got alot of response about the lace on my, which I just so happened to sew on myself.  I think it really added some fun and funk to a boyish striped tee.
On another note, I am loving my new hairstyle and color....it's easy to fix, the new style I've been doing (wrapping my hair around the curling iron barrel like a wand) lasts for several days and it's just an all around good change.  So happy I did it!!
Here's What I Wore:
Denim jacket- $3 at Thirft City
B/F Tee- $3 at Walmart (I added the red lace myself)
Blue Skinnies- $12 at Ross
White belt- $1 at Goodwill
Earrings- $8 at random store
Heels- $19 at random mall store
Watch- $7 at walmart
Bracelets- 6 for $5 at MIZ Accessories
Outfit Total- About $55
Jumping for joy because I went through this crazy week of sickness...and made it out the other side.

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nic said...

I've been bad about following blogs for so long and remembered about yours when I saw your comment. Your blog is amazing! You look incredible! I love the hair and your outfits...and of course the the low prices you pay for them. I'm back to following!