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Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge: Outfit #4

Blue Sweater-$5 at Walmart

Yellow Tank-$6 at Bealls

Jeans-$19 at Old Navy

Black Necklace-$1 thrifted

Blue bracelets-$1 at MIZ Accessories

Black stud earrings-Came in a set of 8 for $1 at MIZ Accessories

Black Snow Boots-$7 at Walmart

How the challenge going for you so far?? It's been hard with the snow, but I've really enjoyed it and has given me renewed excitment about mixing and matching already :) ~Kendra~


The Beauty Bargainista said...

you look fab my dear! :) I love watching you on youtube now...so excited you have joined our community over there too! :)

Low Cost High Style said...

Aww Thanks!!! I absolutely love making videos...so fun!!