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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jewel Tones

I had a floral dress with hot pink peep toe wedges all set out to wear this morning and then I get out of bed, had breakfast and looked at the outfit and thought.....I so don't wanna wear that today.  Doesn't happen that often, but I had to think quick...since I apparently take forever and a day to get ready. lol (Long story short, I wake up at 6am and I had to be at work at 8:30 and literally live 3mins from my work and barely made it) Anyways, I decided to go with a basic blak sheath dress, which by the way is several sizes to big, which is why I added the belt, then I topped it out with this amazing garage sale find, the jewel toned jacket.  Isn't it nice, when you unexpectedly throw together something you love at the last second.
Here's what I wore:
Basic black sheath dress- $25 at Cato (Came with a cute black, white and red blazer)
Black Belt-free with a dress from Bealls
Purple Jewel Toned Blazer- $1 at a garage sale (Total score!!!)
Nude and black peep toe heels- $9 at Payless
2 Big beaded Bracelets- Came in a set for $1.50 at Forever 21
Small beaded bracelets- Came in a set for less than $1 at MIZ Accessoires
Necklace- $2.99 at Cato
Earrings- Less than $1 at MIZ Accessories
Outfit Total- $41.49
I'm loving how the vast majority of my outfits are under $50 and most by more than $10. :)  Awesome!!!  ~Kendra~

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Sharon said...

Lookin good!!!!!!!