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Monday, August 19, 2013

How one vase got it's stripes...

My wedding florist came up with the great idea of making me a fake bouquet to use for my bridal portraits, which would #1 be cheaper than buying to real bouquets and #2 would give me a keepsake to save for ages. Perfection!  Well, I had been keeping the bouquet in a plain and simple clear dollar tree vase.  With thoughts of our new house swimming in my head, I immediately decided the boring vase needed to be more chic for our new place.  To me, this meant lovely little silver stripes. I got some spray paint from Michael's and even lucked out with finding painters tape at Dollar Tree. Love it when they have tons of craft stuff in stock!!!
I simply placed stripes on the vase with the painters tape and then sprayed the entire thing with silver.  I let it dry a few minutes and then removed the tape.  Waited for it to fully dry and then....viola. A fresh and updated display....
I just love the way the diamonds covering the stems shine through the clear stripes on the vase.  What do you think?  Have you tried a DIY like this?
PS: The black 'T' was one of the entry table decorations at our wedding ceremony and the tray was a thrift store find...it was originally bare bamboo, but I spray painted it white to make it go with our other d├ęcor. I think the white really makes it stand out!

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