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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why have I been away so long.....

This year in particular, with work and everything, has gotten super busy!  It seems like 2013 is the biggest year of change this girls ever seen.  From getting married, a new job as Social Media Specialist at the company, moving to a new department, and finally the newest adventure.....buying our dream home.  We just closed on our house Friday and get to move into it in mid September...Soooo beyond excited!!

As life brings upon changes, this little piece of the internet may begin to change with it.  First, hopefully, with more posting.  Secondly, with the addition of some home décor DIY projects. I have already done tons to prepare for the big move...making a thrift bamboo tray a chic white, creating a family organization station, making a plain vase more fun with stripes, etc.  Hopefully, I can share all of these and more with you soon.  Just wanted to give anyone still tuning in a little update. 

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