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Friday, August 23, 2013

Simple Candle Update

When getting married, you receive tons and tons of gifts...we loved and appreciated all the beautiful gifts.  I decided to take this one in particular, which I got from my sweet aunt and uncle as part of an amazing gift basket, and add a little more to it.  It's a simple candle with a little black ribbon bow.
I wanted to add a little something special to make it stand out in our new future home.  I took some silver flat head tacks (left over from the cork board update) and stuck them in around the bottom edge of the candle in a single row.  Here's how it looks now:
It's a very subtle difference, but adds a fun touch! This project is so simple, less than 5 minutes, and could be done is so many patterns and designs.  I want to try adding a chevron pattern to one as well. Have u tried adding pins or tacks into plain candles to add some interest?  How'd yours turn out?

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